The Best Curated Ear Ideas - Your Need-to-Know Guide

Love the stacked-up, multi-piercing ear looks that are all over your Insta feed, but unsure how to nail the look for yourself? Our ear stacking guide is here to help you create your perfect look.
Stacked ear piercings, or curated ear trend has taken social media and our real-life lobes by storm.
What this trend refers to is a curated ‘stack’ of earrings placed in multiple ear piercings – beginning with the lobes and in some cases extending right along the helix and within other nooks of the ear (more on the piercing types later).

Your curated ear look might consist of multiple stud earrings, drop earrings, hoops or huggies, or a mix of all different earring types. You also might start with two simple piercings, or perhaps you already have an array of piercings and you’re simply looking for inspiration to style them.

Whatever you’re after, our guide has the answer. Find out the key ear piercing types and get inspiration for some of our favourite ear curation looks; from lowkey, everyday earring stacks to statement layered earring looks.
Your ear piercing need-to-knows
1. Nailing your piercing placement

Before we get into the curated ear piercing inspo with some of our favourite stacked earring looks, it’s important to know what each of the ear piercing types are – so if you’re inspired to head to the piercer, you know what to ask for!
It’s important to note that you’ll need to let any new ear piercings heal completely before you switch out your earrings. Different parts of your ear will take varying amounts of time to heal, and once they do heal, there are certain styles of earrings that are recommended for certain piercings to ensure they’re comfortable; so we recommend asking your piercing professional for all the info you need to know.
The main ear-piercing placements are as follows:

Lobe Piercing – the fleshy part at the bottom of your ear. This is generally the first place people get their ears pierced, and your lobe is suitable for all types of earrings – from hoops and drop earrings to stylish studs – so your lobe is the place to wear any statement earrings you want to rock.

Helix Piercing – the cartilage that curves along the outer edge and top of your ears.
Conch Piercing – the cartilage that makes up the inner curve and back of your ear. You may opt for your piercing to be placed in your outer conch, near the curve, which allows you to wear a hoop wrapped around your outer ear; or the inner conch, closer to the middle of your ear.
Rook Piercing – the upper ridge of cartilage above your daith.
Daith Piercing – the cartilage that makes up the innermost fold of your ear.
Tragus Piercing – the itty-bitty piece of cartilage at the front of your ear, closest to your face (the bit that partly covers the entrance to your ear canal).
2. What is the difference between cartilage and lobe piercings?
All of these different ear piercing placements can be divided into two types: lobe piercings and cartilage piercings.
Lobe piercings are placed in the soft, fleshy part at the bottom of your ear. Depending on your unique ear anatomy, you may be able to fit a few piercings in your lobes, or only a couple. Your earlobes are a pretty safe bet for wearing multiple styles of earrings, from simple studs to statement hoops and drops, and they are generally faster to heal than cartilage piercings.
Cartilage piercings are piercings through the tougher, bonier parts of your ear; including your helix, conch, rook, daith, and tragus. Cartilage piercings are some of the most lust-worthy, taking a starring role in social media’s favourite jewellery trend. If you want to take your curated ear look to the next level, a cartilage piercing adds interest and an undeniably modern vibe.
It may hurt a little more to get piercings in these areas, and cartilage piercings will likely take longer to heal than those in the lobe. Again, it’s best to go to a reputable piercing professional and follow all of their instructions on caring for your cartilage piercings.

3. How to create a curated ear stack

Now that we’ve covered the piercing fundamentals, how do you create the perfect ear stack for every occasion? We’ve got you covered with some of our favourite ear styling inspo.

3.1. The perfect simple ear stack for everyday

Multiple earrings does not have to mean over-the-top. You can style a constellation of dainty, timeless yet modern pieces to create a look unique to you, which is interesting and eye-catching yet still subtle enough for work, brunch dates, or the supermarket.

• Keep it simple with small-scale studs, huggies, or even tiny drop earrings.

• Stick to the same metal colour for each piece to keep your look polished and cohesive (for example, all yellow gold or all sterling silver).

• Don’t be afraid to add sparkle! Diamonds are high quality and timeless, and our micro diamond pieces are perfect for every day.

• Keeping your metal and stone types the same gives you the freedom to mix it up with your shapes. Experiment with pairing round studs, heart shapes, crosses, and bar studs for an eclectic look.

• Wear your largest pieces in your lobes, and scale down to smaller earrings as you move higher up your ear.

• Same goes for any styles that ‘drop’ – wear these in your lobe piercings to let them swing, and stick to regular studs or huggies for your higher piercings.

In this stack:
- diamond pave heart stud earrings in 10ct gold

-  micro drippin' diamonds studs

- diamond solitaire hook stud

- diamond bar studs

- micro diamond cross studs

- micro heart you studs

-3.2. Go a little bolder for night-time looks

Whether you’re styling for date night, cocktails with the girls, or you just want to go for more of a statement look, a curated ear gives you endless options to get a little bold.

• Add a chunky hoop earring (or a few) to your stack for an instant statement.

• Sparkle is always a good idea. Keep it simple and timeless with a diamond solitaire stud, or add some glitter with a diamond initial stud.

• To keep your bold earring stack looking considered, stick to the same metal colour.

• Slick your hair back and let your amazing ear stack own the show!

-4. More ear stack styling tips

If you’re feeling experimental, here’s a few of our favourite ways to elevate your ear stack.

• Mix your metals. Gold and silver look great together; just ensure you keep the finish the same (for instance, all polished pieces). Play with textures and shapes, too, to style into the eclectic look.

• An ear cuff is your best friend. You could call it the cheat’s ear stack, but we say it’s just clever styling. Make the foray into a statement ear look by adding a cuff which hugs your outer ear – similar to a conch piercing, minus the needle.

• Introduce gems. Lean into the playful vibe of an ear stack by introducing new colours and textures, via pearls and coloured stones.

5. Caring for your ear piercings

New piercings need to heal, and they need to be looked after properly to help the healing process. Your piercing professional will give you instructions on caring for and cleaning your piercings, and it’s important to follow their advice for quick healing and to avoid any possible infection.
When it’s safe to change out your piercing earrings for some more fashionable styles, stick to high quality metals for your ears. At Medley, our earrings are crafted in 925 sterling silver, 10ct solid gold, and 18ct fine gold plating (over a sterling silver base) for beauty and durability.

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