all about medley

worn for nobody

It’s a secret weapon. That small way we feel totally put together, no matter what we’re wearing.

It’s jewellery. And Medley Jewellery is worn for nobody but you.

Because if you feel good in it, whatever ‘it’ may be, oh it shows.

So harness the power of you at your best. Mix metals, stack ‘em high and shine on. Show up for yourself, layer on your armour and become a little more you.

Our Materials

metals with more

Our solid metal pieces are designed to be exactly that: solid,trusty, timeless, and reliably gorgeous. For gold pieces, we use 10ct – an international standard that’s also tougher and more affordable than other types of gold. That means fewer scratches, more freedom.

For silver pieces, we stick with 925 Sterling – that means it’s made of 92.5% pure silver (the rest is other alloys to make it stronger and more life-proof.) We also add a final micro-layer of silver plating for that extra level of shine.

plating that pops

When it comes to jewellery, sometimes more is more. And sometimes quality and quantity aren’t an either-or, but more of a bring-it-on.

That’s why you’ll love our demi-fine gold plated pieces – they’re ultra-quality but also affordable. To make them, we start with a base of 925 Sterling Silver, then build up layers of 18ct fine gold using our oh-so-advanced Micron Plating process.

Sounds techy, but the effect is simple. In short, our jewellers gently meld micro-layers of real gold onto a genuine Sterling Silver core. We steer clear of low-quality base metals (like brass and other alloys), designing our demi-fine pieces as treasure – never trash.

the brightest sparkles

If you’re going to diamond, diamond like you mean it. We source natural stones for our diamond pieces, handpicking them to create the best colour and clarity match for each individual setting – plus some serious wow factor.

rocks worth rocking

Of course, not all besties are diamonds. We’ve also got a serious crush on cubic zirconia, which combines beauty (obviously), brawn (it’s super tough) and brains (it’s made in a lab). Plus, since it’s more affordable you can justify wearing it on the daily – because let’s face it, a little sparkle makes everything better.

how we give back

let’s slay it forward

Every Medley order should make you feel amazing. But that’s not where the good vibes end.

We donate $1 from every order to charity partners we feel strongly about, thanks to the help of i=Change.

After you order, you’ll see a pop up that asks you to pick which charity you’d like to support. Take your pick – we think they’re seriously good causes, and they’re all close to our heart.

Feed Aussies in crisis


Support a child’s recovery

Australian Childhood Foundation

Protect a woman

Women’s Community Shelters