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Complete your outfit with a pair of Medley’s premium designer earrings. From simple and understated stud earrings to bold statement pieces, Medley offers the perfect piece of jewellery to complete any outfit. Add a classic elegance to your outfit with a pair of versatile studs that will be sure to have your look feeling put together. We offer a range of colour options including sterling silver and 10k gold for timeless style or rose gold for a modern twist. Our ethically sourced diamond earrings, cubic zirconia earrings, and pearl earring options also add an extra sparkle sure to make you feel special.

Make a style statement with a pair of trendy diamond letter stud earrings, chunky hoop earrings or ear cuffs. Ear cuffs add an instant edge to any outfit and pair wonderfully with a set of sleek hoops, hook earrings or bar studs in the lobe.

Medley jewellery offers a curated selection of everyday hoop earrings. With a range of both classic hoop styles to match any outfit as well as options that step outside the box with knife’s edge, Dutch braid, statement, and twisted styles. For a polished look, consider a set of matching bracelets or necklaces to pull the entire outfit together.

Discover your favourite pair of earrings from micro diamonds to chunky hoop earrings, classic studs to trendy cuffs, Medley’s range has high-quality designer earrings available Australia and New Zealand wide. Complete your style and shop earrings online with Medley today.

How to Stack Earrings? 
To stack earrings for a clean look, you should start with a large hoop on your first piercing, and layer different huggies and studs in your remaining piercings. Wearing your earrings in a descending order, largest to smallest. Mix and match diamond studs, cartilage earrings and ear cuffs for the ultimate stacked ear look! 

How to Clean and Store Earrings?
1. To clean and store earrings we recommend washing your hands first, then gently wash your earrings in soapy luke-warm water, using a soft cloth to wipe over the posts.
2. Once cleaned, dry thoroughly, making sure your earrings are completely dried before storing or wearing.
3. Cleaning your sterling silver, 10k gold and 18k Fine Gold plated earrings is important for not only hygiene but for keeping your jewellery in pristine condition.
4. We recommend removing your 18k Fine Gold plated jewellery before showering and going to bed.
5. Ensuring to keep away from moisture including perfume, sweat, water and condensation to extend the longevity. 

The best place to store earrings is in an airtight container or jewellery box that is designed specifically for long term jewellery storage. Keep your earrings as pairs in separate compartments for grab and go styling. 

How to Remove Earrings?
To remove earrings, firstly, wash your hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly. For butterfly back studs, Use the thumb and index finger on one hand to hold the front of your earring. With the thumb and index finger of your other hand, hold the backing of the earring. Keep a firm grip on the earring front and back so that it doesn't fall when you remove the earring back and pull it out. Be especially careful if you're standing over a sink. 

To remove your flat back earrings, hold the post (the back of the earring) with one hand and gently unscrew the front. Once the front post is loose, gently pull it through away from the post. Removing earrings is easy, if you know how to do it! 

When were earrings invented? 
Earrings have been worn by many different cultures throughout history. However, it is believed that earrings have been worn for at least 5,000 years, as ancient earrings have been discovered in archaeological excavations dating back to the Bronze Age. The oldest known earrings were discovered in a royal tomb in Sumer (modern-day Iraq) and are thought to be over 4,500 years old. These earrings were made of gold and featured intricate designs, demonstrating that even in ancient times, earrings were considered a form of adornment and personal expression. Read our invention of jewellery blog here.

Can I return my earrings? 
Due to strict hygiene reasons, earrings are not eligible for the 30 Day Change of Mind Policy. Please choose wisely when selecting your earrings pieces. Read more about our return policy here