Will it Fit? Our Go-To Ring Size Chart

We’ll put our hands up and say we have a thing for rings. We can’t get enough of
layering, matching, and adding beautiful new styles to our stacks. Admittedly, though, shopping for rings online can be a little trickier than other types of jewellery such as chains and earrings . Because when it comes to rings, sizing certainly does matter.

Fortunately, we have you covered with our handy guide to finding the perfect ring size – so you can shop and stack to your heart’s content.

Ring Sizing at Medley

At Medley, we offer our styles in standard Australian ring sizes which are depicted by letters. Our range of modern, beautiful rings are crafted in 10ct gold, sterling silver, and 18ct fine gold plating as well as diamonds and pearls, and you can find most of them in a range of sizes from F (14.1mm diameter) to R (18.8mm diameter).

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Ring Size Chart

Use our handy chart below to convert your ring diameter or finger circumference measurement into the perfect ring size for you!

How to Measure Your Ring Size

There are a few ways to measure your ring size, to ensure you can pick the perfect fit when shopping online.

1. Measure using a ring you own
For this method, you’ll just need a ring from your jewellery box and a ruler or tape measure.

 Simply lay your ring on top of the ruler or tape measure, with one inside edge right up against the ‘0’ mark. Measure the inside diameter of your ring straight across the centre, then use this measurement (in millimetres) to find your ring size from our super useful chart

 2. Measuring using a string
If you don’t have a ring you can measure, you can also find your perfect ring size by measuring your actual finger (genius!).

To do this, you’ll just need a piece of string and a ruler or tape measure. Wrap the string around the finger on which you plan to wear your ring, pulling it to a level of tightness that feels comfortable. Mark where the end of the string joins up with itself, then unravel the string and lay it out across your ruler or tape measure.

The length of your marked string in millimetres is your finger circumference measurement. You can use this to find your ideal size using our ring size chart below.

Things to Keep in Mind When Measuring Your Ring Size

Make sure you really get the perfect fit by keeping these tips in mind.

1. Different factors can affect your ring sizing, such as:
Your fingers can be slightly different in size on your left hand compared to your right hand. It’s true. So for this reason, it’s best to take measurements from a ring that you wear on the same finger, or measure the exact finger that you plan to wear your new ring on.

Your fingers shrink in cold temperatures and swell in the heat. Ever noticed that it can feel a little tricky to take your rings off at the end of a hot day? Likewise, your rings may feel a little looser when the air conditioner is blasting. So, aim to measure your fingers when the temperature feels neutral.

Your fingers also tend to swell slightly throughout the day, so for a comfy fit, it’s best to take your measurements in the afternoon.

Alcohol and salt can cause your fingers to swell due to water retention, so avoid measuring your ring size directly after sipping a margarita.

Your knuckles and the lower part of your fingers (where your ring will sit) can be different sizes, so we recommend that you measure both areas. If you fall between two sizes, it’s best to size up to ensure a comfy fit and no struggles to take your ring off.

2.  Measure twice, buy once:
That’s the saying, right? Ensure you can take your new favourite ring out of the box and start wearing it immediately, by taking the time to get your size right.
Whether you measure your ring size using an existing ring or by measuring your finger, check your measurements a couple of times so that you can feel confident in your choice.

The Ideal Ring Fit

So now that you know how to measure your ring size, how should the ideal fit feel?
Your ring should slide onto your finger comfortably and be easy to remove. The idea is, not so loose that it slides around and annoys you, but not so tight that it feels stuck.
Different ring styles will have a slightly different fit. For instance, a wider band or chunkier design may fit more snugly than a dainty ring.
If your measurements fall between two ring sizes, it’s recommended that you go with the larger size to ensure a comfy ring fit.

How to Gift a Ring in the Perfect Size

If you can sneak a ring that they usually wear without them noticing, measure its diameter as detailed above to discover their perfect size.

Try asking friends or family if they happen to know their ring size.

If you (or a friend) have similar sized fingers to the loved one you’re buying for, use your ring size as a reference.

If you’re really stuck on size, keep in mind that the ‘standard’ ring size is an O. It’s a pretty safe bet that a size O ring will fit on at least one of their fingers – but if you know that their size is likely to be smaller or larger, opt for one size up or down. (If you happen to get it wrong, we do offer 30 day returns or exchanges at Medley. Just check out our T&Cs to make sure you’re covered).