A Beginner's Guide to Earring Charms

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Trend Spotlight: Earring Charms 

The curated ear stack has evolved beyond the realm of trends is now an essential part of getting dressed for anyone who wants to make their look unique and personalised each day. If you’re looking for new ways to elevate and switch up your ear stack, look no further than our new range of earring charms.
Designed to effortlessly pair with a range of hoop earrings and huggies, our earring charms collection includes precious metal shapes, engravables and gemstone styles. Read on to learn all about earring charms, how to choose the right charm for you and our top styling tips.
Ear Charms
What Are Earring Charms?
Earring charms are small, decorative pieces similar to a pendant, which are designed to attach to an earring – usually hoop or huggie earrings. They can be found in a range of styles, and at Medley we have a range of earring charms for hoops which can also be worn on a chain necklace or bracelet.
Our pendant and hoop charms include understated styles crafted in 10k gold and sterling silver, gemstones, including blue and white topaz, and engravable shapes. These personalised earring charms can be effortlessly slipped on and off various hoop earrings, allowing you to have fun with your style and change it up each day by mixing, matching, and stacking your charms.
The History of Charm Jewellery
The very earliest instances of humans wearing jewellery involved charm jewellery, in a way. The history of charm jewellery traces as far back as the time of Neanderthals, who’d adorn themselves with natural objects like animal teeth, bones, or shells. Jewellery became more sophisticated, and more often imbued with meaning and symbolism, among ancient civilisations such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Romans.
In the Middle Ages, charm jewellery became more elaborate and was worn as a form of personal adornment. Charms were made from precious metals and gemstones, and were often engraved with symbols or inscriptions that were thought to have magical properties.
Queen Victoria wearing a charm bracelet
During the Victorian era, charm jewellery became very popular as a way to commemorate special occasions and to express sentiment. Charm bracelets were particularly popular, and could be personalised with a variety of charms, each representing a different aspect of the wearer's life.
In the 20th and 21st Centuries, charm jewellery continued to evolve, becoming more playful and whimsical, and with a focus on interchangeable styles. Charm jewellery has dipped in and out of fashion over the years, and has ranged from chunky, stacked-up boho looks (see: 2005-era Sienna Miller), to more delicate and personal pieces.
Today’s modern charm jewellery takes more of a minimalist approach, with petite pieces being favoured to add a touch of personality, sentiment, or simply a pop of colour to your look.
Earring Charms
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How to Choose an Earring Charm
When selecting earring charms, it’s important to choose designs that mean something to you or that reflect your personal style. Whether it’s your favourite gemstone, or an engravable style etched with a meaningful letter, picking something special to you will give you a unique look and ensure that you love your piece for a long time to come.
Here’s a few things to consider when selecting your charms:
  1. The metal colour: are you a gold lover, or a sterling silver fan? The first step to choosing an earring charm that will work seamlessly with your jewellery wardrobe, is to match the metal colour you wear most often.
  2. The size: you’ll want an earring charm that’s proportionate to the size of the earring you will attach it to. Remember that the drop length of your charm will add to the drop of your hoop earring, so consider where you want it to fall to. You should avoid wearing a large or heavy charm on a delicate earring, to avoid putting too much strain on it. At Medley, our range of pendant and hoop charms are small and lightweight, but still add noticeable length and movement to your earring look.
  3. To personalise, or not to personalise? You can make your jewellery truly unique to you with a personal element such as an engraving or your birthstone. This is a great way to make your choice of earring charm extra special, but you might prefer to experiment with something simple like a 10k gold earring ball charm
  4. The earrings you will wear your charm with: a simple, round hoop earring will suit every type of earring charm. But if you’re going for a more unique shape such as a paperclip, textured or diamond hoop, consider the charm shape that will look best with it. Pairing contrasting shapes is a great way to give yourself a unique and interesting look.
Model with Ear Charms Ear Party
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Creative Ways to Wear Earring Charms
Customising your earrings with charms is a great way to add personality to your look and curate your unique style. Whether you wear a pair of mixed-and-matched single charms, or layer multiple charms, there are endless possibilities for styling your individual look.
Firstly, to make sure your charms will fit on your earrings, you might want to consider a specially designed charm hoop. At Medley we have a range of classic huggies and hoops, including 10k gold earrings and sterling silver earrings, specially created to wear our pendant and hoop charms.
Ear Charms
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Once you know which earrings you’ll be wearing, here are a few creative ways to style them with earring charms:
  1. One at a time: introduce earring charms to your look by keeping it simple with one charm at a time. This will also give you a unique and modern asymmetrical look.
  2. Layered look: Add multiple earring charms to one earring to create a multi-layered look. You can cluster charms of different shapes or colours to create an eclectic effect: try layering our white topaz rectangle charm in 10k gold, engravable circle charm in 10k gold, and plain ball charm in 10k gold onto a single hoop for a textured, personalised look.
  3. Asymmetrical charms: Create a unique asymmetrical look by adding different earring charms to each ear. You can choose different charms that complement each other – for example, wear two of our engraved rectangle charms in 10k gold to spell out full initials or tell a meaningful story – or mix charms of different colours and/or shapes for a whimsical look.
  4. Charms as pendants: wear your earring charms as pendants by attaching them to your chain necklace or bracelet. Our oval pendant clasps in gold and silver are the perfect gadgets for styling charms, allowing you to attach them to a range of necklaces and bracelets.
  5. On different earring styles: the simplest way to mix and match your charms is to use a simple earring as your base, such as a classic hoop earring in 10k gold. However you can experiment with adding charms to different styles, provided the charm is not too large or heavy for your earring to support. Our diamond huggie earrings at Medley can support a hoop charm, to give you a textured, sparkling look.
Earring charms offer an opportunity to have fun with your style and change up your jewellery look to suit different looks and occasions. Experiment with different ways to wear your charms and curate a look that’s all your own.
Male Model with Ear Charm
There is no definitive answer to how many earring charms you need. Having 2 – 3 charms in your collection will give you plenty of options to mix and match your unique look each day, whether you wear one at a time, mix and match your charms between both earrings, or stack multiple charms onto one hoop earring (or necklace or bracelet).
The number of earring charms you need depends on your personal style and how often you plan to wear them. If you like to switch up your earrings frequently, you may want to have a variety of earring charms to choose from, letting you play with your style and change it up each day.
If you love a bespoke look and decide you want more, you can add extra charms to your collection over time.
Earring charms are the perfect pieces to help you customise your hoop earrings, chain necklaces and bracelets to express yourself and achieve a unique, personalised look. Mix and match them in whatever way suits you.
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