Our Materials

We craft quality jewellery with genuine materials, including conflict free gold, ethically-sourced diamonds, freshwater cultured pearls, as well as 18k gold plating and cubic zirconia for true affordability.

We have long-standing relationships with world class suppliers, to ensure we use the highest quality materials, delivered to you at an accessible price. In order to comply with our commitments, we source through suppliers who provide assurances that the gold in their products is responsibly sourced and conflict free in accordance with recognised frameworks maintained by leading industry bodies for precious metals, such as the London Bullion Market Association, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or the Responsible Minerals Initiative.
These international frameworks have been recognised by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development and protect the integrity of the global supply chain for the precious metal markets.

Medley only accepts recycled gold and silver from RJC Chain of Custody Certified suppliers.
The RJC Chain of Custody Certification means our suppliers handle and trade gold, silver and platinum group metals in a way that is fully traceable and responsibly sourced. The Certification means that there is a documented sequence of custody throughout the metal's movement up throughout the supply chain, from source to arrival in our Brisbane warehouse. More information about the standard is available here.

Considered 10k Gold

Currently majority of our gold is already conflict free, however we plan for 100% certified by 2025. This means it's been responsibly mined and has not contributed to any unlawful conflict.

925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a durable and affordable precious metal, and a great choice for everyday wear. It's also hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about nasty reactions.

18k Fine Gold Plating

Our 18k gold plated pieces are of the highest quality but also affordable. To make them, we start with a base of 925 Sterling Silver, then build up layers of 18k gold using our advanced Micron Plating process.

Diamonds, Pearls & Cubic Zirconia’s

Natural Diamonds

At Medley we use a wide range of naturally sourced diamonds from all over the world. We are committed to providing transparency with each unique piece that we create and are currently working towards sourcing all products from RJC certified suppliers. This will ensure that our mined pieces comes from areas that are free of terrorism or conflict and are mined according to fair humanitarian mining practices.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Laboratory grown diamonds are man-made diamonds that are created by replicating the forces and conditions that cause natural diamonds to form below the Earth’s surface. Essentially the same chemical, physical (including optical) properties and crystal structure as natural diamonds. Laboratory grown diamonds display the same level of hardness (10 on the Mohs scale) and beautiful sparkle that people love about natural diamonds. These diamonds are also made of pure carbon – the same chemical element that forms natural diamonds.

Black Diamonds

For a unique edge, black diamonds are about as cool as it comes. Our black diamonds are heat treated and electro plated with black rhodium to intensify their colour and enhance the surface of the diamonds.

Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Some people confuse cultured pearls with faux, but don't be mistaken - these beauties are the real deal. Pearls occur in the wild by chance, making them extraordinarily rare and difficult to find (thus, very expensive). So, the majority of pearls you'll find in jewellery are cultured.

Want to know more?

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