Helix Earrings

Helix Earrings

Discover helix piercing earrings & jewellery to curate your ear with style & edge.

Discover helix piercing earrings & jewellery to curate your ear with style & edge.


Medley's Helix Earring Jewellery is meticulously crafted to adorn your helix or cartilage piercing ear with a touch of elegance and luxury. At the core of this collection lies the quality of solid 10k Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. These premium metals are paired with natural gemstones, such as diamonds, emeralds, london blue topaz, opals and white topaz.

Our Helix Earrings collection boasts diamonds, gemstones, and solid gold pieces, each meticulously selected and expertly set to elevate your curated ear. Whether it's the subtle sparkle of a solitaire or the intricate brilliance of trio stone settings, our diamond helix earrings are sure to elevate your helix and cartilage piercings.

In our Helix Jewellery Collection, we venture beyond the traditional brilliance of diamonds to embrace the enchanting world of gemstones. From the deep, regal blue of blue topaz to the tranquil allure of emeralds, each piece is adorned with a spectrum of gemstone hues, including gorgeous opals. Our carefully curated selection of gemstone helix jewellery ensures that each piece tells a unique story of sophistication, individuality, and a deep connection to the natural beauty found in the treasures of the earth.

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In our commitment to comfort and customization, we offer our Helix Earrings in both 6.5mm and 8mm post lengths. We understand that every ear is unique, and preferences for earring fit can vary greatly. That's why we've expanded our range to accommodate a diverse array of needs and preferences. The 8mm length is ideal for new piercings, allowing room for swelling during healing. Meanwhile, the 6.5mm length offers a snug fit for healed piercings. Choose the length that suits your comfort and style effortlessly.

Discover the perfect match for your cartilage piercing with our range of helix earrings, thoughtfully crafted to cater to various cartilage lengths. Our collection offers earrings available in two lengths, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for every individual. Whether you're looking for a flatback earring for your forward helix, conch piercing, tragus piercing, rook piercing, or daith piercing, our helix earrings are designed to complement a variety of cartilage piercings. With our commitment to quality and versatility, you can confidently express your unique style and elevate your ear game to new heights.

1. How long does it take for a helix piercing to heal?

Cartilage piercings, like helix piercings, typically take longer to heal compared to lobe piercings. Expect the healing process to last between six to nine months or possibly longer. To aid in the healing process, ensure to keep your piercing clean and avoid sleeping on it or moving the jewelry around too much.

2. When can I change my helix piercing?

Helix piercings often require the longest healing time before changing out the jewelry. Typically, it's recommended to wait between three to six months before switching to a hoop or different stud. We advise visiting your piercer for the first change to ensure proper healing and to avoid any potential infections.

3. How do I change a helix piercing?

Changing a helix piercing is a simple process. Begin by sterilizing the new piercing, wash or sanitize your hands, remove the existing helix jewelry, clean the area, and insert the new earring. Regular cleaning with an earring cleaning spray is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent infections.

4. How much does a helix piercing cost?

The cost of a helix piercing can vary depending on the piercing studio and placement. Typically, pricing starts at around $40, but consulting with your chosen piercing expert for an accurate quote is recommended.

5. What's the difference between a normal stud and a helix stud?

Helix studs feature a threaded screw backing for a secure fit, while regular stud earrings have a butterfly backing. The threaded screw backing of helix studs ensures comfort and prevents irritation, which is crucial for cartilage piercings.

6. What's the difference between 6.5mm and 8mm helix post lengths?

The choice between post lengths depends on the maturity of your piercing and its position on your ear. The 8mm post length is ideal for healing piercings as it allows room for potential swelling, while the 6.5mm length provides a snug fit for healed piercings, minimizing movement and ensuring comfort.

7. How do I style a helix piercing?

Have fun styling your ear stack with your helix piercing as a key part of your overall look. Opt for dainty, diamond-adorned styles for a modern touch of sparkle, or mix and match diamonds with gold or sterling silver earrings for a personalized look.

8. What do I need to know before getting a helix piercing?

Consider factors like pain and healing time, piercing studio selection, jewelry selection, consultation with your piercer, and commitment to aftercare. Healing usually takes between 3 to 6 months, so patience is key. Choose a reputable piercing studio, prioritize quality jewelry, and commit to following your aftercare routine religiously for a happy, healthy piercing.