Baguette Jewellery: Its Chic History and How to Wear it

Bonjour, baguette lovers! Lovers of baguette jewellery, that is (though we’ll definitely take some fresh-baked goodness as well). Surely the chicest and Frenchy-est gemstone shape of the moment, we’re delving into all things baguette: from its origins to expert styling tips for this edgy yet classic shape.

The baguette cut is distinctive for its narrow, elongated profile and step-cut facets which create a modern, mirror-like gleam. Its elegant rectangular silhouette offers a unique statement on its own, and lends an edge to softer shapes when crafted into a trio, halo, or cluster design.

What is a baguette cut stone?

The baguette cut is a unique, trending, yet timeless stone shape. In diamonds and gemstones, the shape (also known as a cut) refers to the overall appearance and outline of the stone. Popular shapes include round cut, pear cut, oval cut, emerald cut, and more – you can learn all about stone shapes here.

The history of baguette cut stones

Like so many of the chicest trends in fashion, furniture, and design, the baguette cuts we know it today traces its popularity to the Art Deco era of the 1920s. The history of the shape is actually much older than this, as it’s believed to have evolved from an elongated cut known as the ‘hogback’ in the 16th Century (zero points for whoever named the original).

The term ‘baguette’ was bestowed in the early 20th Century, as this shape was refined and regained popularity. While the name could be based on the shape’s resemblance to the elongated baguette bread loaf, it’s also possible that the name comes from the old French word for jewel, ‘bague’, thus meaning ‘little jewel.’ (Although our french intern Mallaury questions this…)

During the Art Deco period, jewellers began incorporating baguette cut stones into their designs more frequently, celebrating the beauty of clean lines and minimalist aesthetics that aligned with the geometric trends of the time. Since then, baguette jewellery has remained a symbol of elegance and refinement, beloved by fashionistas and jewellery enthusiasts alike. 

How to wear baguette jewellery

From refined and sophisticated to match the shape’s less-is-more vibe; to statement looks that make the most of its unique edge, here are a few of our favourite ways to style baguette jewellery.

Minimalist Mood:

Keep your look pared-back and cultivated, by letting a singular and dainty piece of baguette jewellery shine against a neutral outfit. The baguette shaped stones create a modern minimalist style, with a subtle, ‘look closer’ uniqueness.

Statement Stack:

Layer your baguette jewellery piece with a mix of plain metal jewellery, from bold bangles to fine chains, to create your personalised stack. 

Shape Shift:

Mix and stack your baguette jewellery with pieces featuring different stone shapes. The straight edges of the baguette cut perfectly complement the clean silhouette of an emerald cut; and juxtapose the curves of round, oval, and pear cuts for a chic contrast.

Diamond Details:

Diamonds are the perfect stone to beautifully highlight the clean lines and minimalist facets of the baguette cut. Swap out your classic round-cut studs or pendant for a unique baguette cut diamond. 

Colour and Cut:

In love with trending emerald, London blue topaz, or white sapphire? Style a personalised ear stack with dainty coloured gemstones in the same hue and a range of stone cuts.

Our favourite baguette jewellery styles

Introduce this contemporary, elegant stone shape to your jewellery wardrobe (or expand your baguette collection), with our curated edit of essential baguette jewellery styles:

Baguette Droplet Necklace:

A delicate and feminine necklace featuring a cascading array of baguette cut stones. The perfect, elevated alt for your usual everyday chain. 

Diamond Baguette Double Chain Huggie:

Sleek and modern statement earrings adorned with round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds, add these to your ear stack or wear alone for instant edge. 

Emerald Baguette Open Stacker Ring:

A fine, modern ring design showcasing baguette cut emeralds. Stack with diamond or pearl rings for an eclectic yet sophisticated look. 

Laboratory-Grown Diamond Baguette Necklace:

A contemporary twist on classic elegance, this necklace updates the classic solitaire necklace with a radiant laboratory-grown diamond.

Blue Topaz Baguette Helix Single Stud Earring:

Effortlessly introduce the trending baguette shape into your everyday look, with this minimalist stud earring featuring vibrant blue topaz. 

Bring a unique edge to your jewellery wardrobe with this modern, timeless, and versatile stone shape. Worn alone to highlight its geometric silhouette, or mixed and matched with contrasting stone shapes, the baguette cut will add contemporary minimalism and a unique, refined sparkle to every look.   

Update your collection with a modern new piece, crafted for longevity.