All About Our Stone Cuts and Shapes

There’s metal, there’s gemstone type, there’s the overall design and silhouette – but there’s another factor you might not consider so much, which impacts the look and feel of your jewellery pieces. We’re talking about stone shapes. 

Also known as cuts, the shape of your diamond or gemstone refers to its overall appearance or outline. It can have a subtle or quite dramatic effect on the look of your jewellery.  

Stone shapes can make a classic jewellery style feel unique and modern; or they can enhance the timeless elegance of an essential piece. They can blend seamlessly with the silhouette of a ring, pendant, or bracelet, or they can create a chic contrast.  

Read on for our guide to all of the stone shapes and diamond cuts you can find at Medley, to help inspire you in choosing and styling your perfect jewellery pieces. .

Baguette Cut

The most delicious-sounding of all stone shapes (and inspiring some iconic Fendi references), baguette cut gems are so named because of their elongated appearance – not unlike the French bakeryfave. Modern yet timeless, baguette shaped diamonds and gemstones are narrow and elongated with straight edges and step-cut facets. They’re commonly chosen as accent stones, arranged into clusters, or used in dainty jewellery pieces because of their fine profile. 

Discover baguette cut stones in a range of our Medley styles: 

Emerald Cut 

The emerald cut is not to be confused with the emerald gemstone – but there is a reason they share a name. The emerald shape is one of the most timeless, with origins dating as far back as the 1500s. The cut was originally favoured for emerald gemstones, which is how the shape received its name, and it’sendured as this classic shape has been used for other coloured gemstones and diamonds. With a rectangular silhouette and step-cut facets, emerald cut stones are similar in appearance to baguettes but with a more balanced proportion between length and width – making them perfect for any jewellery style from a statement solitaire through to an understated stud earring.

Find emerald cut stones in some of our modern statement pieces: 

Oval Cut 

Oval cut diamonds and gemstones are about as timeless as it comes, but this shape will still give you a subtle sense of uniqueness compared to the classic round cut. Brilliantly cut with 58 facets, oval diamonds create maximum sparkle. With their elongated appearance, they’re perfect for a modern take on classic solitaire stud earrings or necklaces. .

At Medley, you can find the elegant oval shape in a range of our timeless laboratory-grown diamond styles:

Round Cut 

The classic of all classics. The round cut is really the standard in gemstone shapes, especially diamonds – so much so that they’re in a class of their own (all other shapes, outside of round, are called ‘fancy cuts’). They’re so loved because of their endless versatility and their brilliant cut with 58 facets. More so than any other stone shape, the round brilliant cut is designed tounveil the greatest brightness, fire, and sparkle in a diamond. Suiting every gemstone and every jewellery style, the round cut is as timeless in a solitaire as it is in a pavé setting. 

A few of our favourite Medley pieces with round cut stones include: 

Marquise Cut 

One of the most unique stone cuts, the marquise shape has a modern appeal but its origins date as far back as the 18th Century. It was originally created for King Louis XV of France, who requested a diamond in the shape of his mistress’ lips (muse, much?). The marquise cut as we know it today is elongated, with curved edges that taper to a point on both ends, resembling a little canoe. Elegant and distinctive, the marquise shape is perfect for bringing a unique edge to your ear stack or necklace layers. 

Discover our must-have helix earrings with marquise cut stones at Medley: