Natural Gemstones

At Medley, we work with a range of natural gemstones to create our pieces. All our new season sourcing comes from RJC certified suppliers, ensuring that the creation of our gemstone jewellery adheres to the highest standards in sourcing, craftmanship, safe manufacturing, fair working, and sustainable packaging standards.

We offer a selection of natural gemstones including Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Opal, Agate and more!

Topaz Stones

Formed in igneous and metamorphic rocks, topaz stones are naturally occurring creations from silicate minerals known for their hardness and lustre, second only to diamonds.  

At Medley we currently work with both blue and white topaz and source these stones from RJC certified suppliers.  

White Topaz 
White topaz is a hard stone that contains fluorine, aluminium oxide or silica between its components. Because of its composition, topaz is part of the aluminosilicate group. 

Linked to ancient Egyptian times, the white topaz stone has been long favoured for its lustre and is often seen as a great entry level alternative to diamonds. White topaz is also believed to possess spiritual properties, promoting inspiration, peace, hope, and love.   

London Blue Topaz 
Blue Topaz is also known to possess spiritual healing properties, with believed links to soothing and recharging.  

Medley Ring Blue Topaz Baguette Curve Pinky Ring in Gold
Medley Necklace Emerald Baguette Necklace in 10k Gold

Emerald Stones

Emerald is a naturally occurring, precious gemstone that is formed through special geological processes under the Earth. Emerald is a gem-quality crystal within the beryl family of minerals (you might be familiar with its cousins, aquamarine and morganite).

As a gemstone with ancient recognition, emeralds are laden with symbolism and meaning. They are believed to represent renewal, new beginnings and rebirth, tranquillity, inspiration, love, and truth. Many people and cultures also associate the rich green hue of emerald with nature and see the stone as a reminder to cherish the beauty of the natural world.

Our emerald stone supplier is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council

Sapphire Stones

Sapphires, a form of aluminium oxide, naturally occur in a wide range of colours depending on the levels of their makeup in iron, copper, chromium, magnesium, and titanium. 

They are stunning, price conscious, alternative to traditional diamonds; and measure a comparable 9 on the Mohs scale which makes them great for everyday wear, particularly those with an interest in naturally formed stones. At Medley, each sapphire is handpicked for every piece to match in colour and clarity from our RJC certified suppliers.  

We carry two colours of sapphire. Blue Sapphire, which the birthstone for December and White Sapphire. 

Medley Earrings White Sapphire Triple Marquise Helix Single Stud Earring in 10k Gold

How to Clean Gemstone Jewellery

Use a Polishing Cloth

Give your pieces a gentle polish now and then with a jewellery cloth to remove dust and unveil their brightest shine.

Wash Gently

For an extra clean, wash your gemstone jewellery in a soapy water bath. A mild detergent will remove excess grime and oil which can build up over time as you wear your jewels. Make sure to rinse and dry your jewellery carefully afterwards, being gentle of the stones.

Store Safely

After cleaning, store your jewellery in a safe place to keep them looking their best.

What NOT to Do

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Don't use any harsh chemicals to clean your gemstone jewellery (household cleaners have no place here!).

Avoid Abrasive Bristles

You should only polish with a very soft cloth, and when giving your gemstone jewellery a bath, use your fingers. Don't use anything with abrasive bristles.

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