Diamond Letter Jewellery

Diamond Letter Jewellery

Elevate your personal style with our collection of diamond letter jewellery. Choose from our diamond initial necklaces in 10k gold and sterling silver, diamond letter stud earrings or our diamond words like mama, which make the ultimate personalised mothers gift.

Discover diamond initial necklaces and diamond letter stud earrings here!


Medley jewellery’s diamond 10k gold and sterling silver initial jewellery collection make the perfect self-gift or gift for the one you love. Wear your diamond letter necklace alone or double it up to wear your initials. Diamond and 10ct solid gold, or sterling silver, our fine alphabet necklaces and studs are designed to be worn your way and Worn for Nobody.

For many, style is about more than aesthetics, but also about a deeper personalised meaning. Our initial necklaces and single stud earrings have a diamond letter, allowing you to wear an important letter close to your heart. You can wear a letter just for yourself or even to keep a loved one close, whether it’s your significant other, your family, or even your beloved pet! Our classic minimalist designs are the perfect addition to complement any outfit, whether adding elegance to a dress and heels or being layered with extra chains for a modern, daytime look.

Our jewellery is authentically created from real materials with great quality, not just of materials but also quality of craftmanship and quality of service. Our solid metal pieces are trusty, timeless, and consistently gorgeous. Choose from simple metal 10k gold styles or add some sparkle to your collarbones with a 925 sterling silver diamond letter necklace. These diamond pieces include ethically sourced natural stones that are handpicked for the best colour and clarity match for each individual setting.

At Medley we carefully curate our selection of jewellery and pride ourselves on a range that includes the best initial necklaces Australia and New Zealand has to offer. So make your style sparkle and shop letter necklaces online with Medley today.