Worn for Lauren Burns

Lauren Burns is artistic, modern, and amazingly chic – the very definition of cool girl. She’s styled up a bold golden look featuring some of her fave Medley power pieces – see how she wears them.

Pieces worn by Lauren Burns

Looking totally at home in all things high-end, Lauren accessorises her luxe minimalistic style with layers of chunky gold jewels, featuring our 18ct fine gold plated pieces for that deep lustrous look. 

A ring stack for the ages, Lauren’s Medley look centres on her heavyweight rings. We love how she’s doubled-up on our Barrel Ring, and added our Pearl Power Chunky Ring for good measure. There’s really no rules when it comes to stacking rings – you can pair chunky with chunky, fine with fine, and mix up several different styles to achieve your perfect look.

Her earring stack is paired with a sleek, low-key updo so her bold hoops own the show. Lauren wears our Chunky Dome Huggies and Tough Love Ear Cuff (FYI, this piece is the perfect hack to achieve an ear party look, whether you have multiple piercings or not).


18ct Fine Gold Plating

Our 18ct gold plated pieces are ultra-quality but also affordable. To make them, we start with a base of 925 Sterling Silver, then build up layers of 18ct gold using our Micron Plating process. We steer clear of low-quality base metals (like brass and other alloys), so you know your piece is precious through and through. Gold plated is more affordable than solid when it comes to gold jewellery, as less pure gold goes into the piece - so you get the luxe look of solid gold for much less.