What is an Eternity Band? (And When Should You Buy One?)

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We’re celebrating one of the most exciting new additions to our fine jewellery line-up – meet our diamond eternity stacker ring.

One part luxe, fine stacker ring; and one part deeply symbolic jewellery icon, learn all about eternity bands (also known as eternity rings), their history, and what they mean, before you make this must-have yours.

Why is it called an eternity ring?

An eternity band, in its truest sense, is a band-style ring that is set with diamonds the entire way around. This unbroken line of diamonds, combined with the continuous loop of a ring, represents continuity and never-ending; in other words, eternity.

Eternity rings are typically given as a gesture of romantic love, after a couple is married. For this reason they’re traditionally associated with a commitment to lasting, eternal love.

But – like most jewellery styles that have been linked to one tradition or another – eternity bands have a much deeper history; which helps to explain why they have come to be given and worn as special (and rather luxe) symbols of lasting love.

A brief history of eternity (bands)

The luxe eternity band with diamonds we’re familiar with today has rather edgy roots. The symbolic inspiration can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and the ‘ouroboros’, a symbol which depicts a serpent biting its own tail and forming a continuous loop. This ancient symbol of continuity was associated with eternal life and rebirth.

The ouroboros became popular as a jewellery design throughout Georgian and Victorian Europe; periods when it was common to outwardly display mourning through dress and jewellery. The snake ring in this context symbolised eternal love for and remembrance of loved ones who had passed.

With ties also to alchemy, magic, and several ancient cultural belief systems (its name derives from Greek), the ouroboros ring has endured for centuries as a meaningful adornment. You can still find many iterations of the ouroboros, or snake ring, from luxury to costume jewellery.

With its symbolic roots in ancient depictions of eternal life and love, the eternity ring as it’s known today, a simplified diamond band ring, was created by the jewellery industry. While that might seem slightly less epic than a mythical serpent, the consistent underlying meaning is what matters; and eternity rings remain one of the most meaningful, enduring jewellery styles.

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What eternity rings stand for today

As the name suggests, eternity bands are generally given and worn as symbols of enduring love and commitment.

For the lovers of tradition, the best time to drop a hint for a diamond eternity ring is when you have a significant wedding anniversary coming up. This could be your first, fifth, tenth, or beyond. Eternity bands in their most traditional sense form the third piece of your bridal ring stack, following your engagement and wedding rings.

Lots of couples also choose to give and receive an eternity band to celebrate the birth of their first child; this way, it’s not only a symbol of your ongoing commitment as a couple, but your infinite love for your child as well.

Beyond these traditions, an eternity band can really stand for anything, and be given or bought, any time you want. You can give one to your partner at any time, not just an anniversary, to acknowledge your enduring love. Eternity bands are also beautiful gifts for a best friend or a family member to celebrate your special connection.

Lastly – but most definitely not least – eternity bands with diamonds are beautiful pieces to buy for yourself. As a special and symbolic design, you can add one of these luxe forever-pieces to your collection to celebrate a personal or professional achievement; or to remind yourself of the importance of self-love.

And, let’s be frank – you can also buy yourself an eternity ring just because you want it. These unbroken diamond loops are an iconic and luxe addition to your ring collection.

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How to wear an eternity band

There are as many ways to style a diamond eternity band, as there are reasons to buy them.

If you’re wearing an eternity ring as part of your traditional bridal ring set, the classic approach is to stack it on top of your engagement ring. So that from base to fingertip, the order of your rings goes: wedding band, engagement ring, eternity band.

If you’ve been given your eternity ring for traditional, romantic reasons but don’t want to stack it on top of your bridal rings, you don’t have to! Place your diamond eternity band on your next finger, or on your other hand, for a balanced stack.

If you’re wearing your eternity ring as more of a personal statement or style choice, the options are endless.

With their glimmer by way of diamonds from all angles, wear your eternity band alone for effortless luxe.You can also stack it with your fave gold rings, diamond stacker rings or style up a mixed look, to create a look unique to you. 

Diamond Pavé Signet Ring in 10k Gold | Diamond Pavé Circle Ring in 10k Gold | Diamond Eternity Band Stacker Ring in 10k Gold

Now, if you love the symbolism (or simply the look) of a diamond eternity band and need one in your life, we direct your attention to our brand-new and first ever diamond eternity stacker ring.

Crafted in 10k gold and a continuous row of dainty natural diamonds, choose your perfect fit from five ring sizes.

Then wear it simply, stacked, or however you want each day. 

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