Our Favourite Best Friend Jewellery Ideas

Want to show your love for your best friend, but think that friendship jewellery is a trend of the past (or just not quite your style?). Think again – friendship jewellery is having a major comeback.

Your soul sister, your BFF, the Thelma to your Louise, or whoever it is that takes the ‘best friend’ space in your heart – deserves to be celebrated. Every pair of besties no doubt thinks their relationship is the most special one (and they’d all be right of course!), so let the world know you’ve found your *true* other half with something tangible and wearable.

We’re talking cute, modern (and totally not naff) friendship jewellery ideas to help you express your bond in a fittingly special way.

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The history of best friend jewellery

If you look far enough you’ll find that versions of friendship jewellery have existed in various cultures for centuries. One of the most recognised forms of friendship jewellery is the woven bracelet that gained widespread popularity among Western cultures in the 1970s, which took inspiration from traditional Central American designs.

For many of us in the 2020s, the idea of friendship jewellery probably conjures ideas of colourful, beaded bracelets or anklets; or the (iconic, let’s be real) ‘Best Friends’ heart shape necklace, split into two halves to be worn by two besties. These styles were a huge trend in the 1990s and early 2000s, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Millennial who didn’t receive or give such a gift during their childhood.

Why friendship jewellery is making a comeback (and we’re fully on board)

Even if those retro beaded bracelets don’t exactly fit your aesthetic these days, we bet you could still find one in your memory box or childhood bedroom along with all your most precious keepsakes. Because what’s truly beautiful and enduring about best friend jewellery is what it represents – a deep and true connection with one of your favourite people, and a reminder of all the memories you have created and shared together.

As much as we’re all tired of the P-word by now, it’s difficult to ignore the effects of the pandemic and how this time has inspired new ways of connecting and trying to stay close to our loved ones. While borders have separated us, we’ve instead sent mail and connected online. And we’ve valued physical, meaningful gifts that can be treasured and worn as tangible reminders of our personal connections.

Friendship jewellery – whether you wear it with your best friend, your sister, your Mum, or anyone else who holds that special place in your heart – is a beautiful way to personalise the pieces you wear every day, adding an extra layer of meaning.

Cute ways to celebrate your friendship:

The modern approach to friendship jewellery is understated and chic, while still keeping all the meaning. Here are some of our favourite best friend jewellery ideas:

1. Letter jewellery: letters are a trending way to personalise your jewellery look, so why not make it extra meaningful by representing your friendship? You and your bestie could each wear your own initials in matching designs, or wear each other’s for added cuteness.

Our diamond initial jewellery is the perfect option. 

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2. Zodiac jewellery:
in a similar vein to our totally cute diamond letters, wearing the zodiac of your bff or wearing your own zodiac in matching designs takes your astrology green lit connection that stylish step further… Taurus and Cancer we see you! Our zodiac pieces come in both 10k gold diamond zodiac and 18k gold plated zodiac styles.

3. Lockets:
one of the most classic jewellery styles, a locket necklace is the timeless way to personalise your jewellery look. Lockets have always been intended for celebrating connections, so make it special with a picture of you and your bestie inside. Our locket necklaces are also engravable, so you can make them extra meaningful.

4. Engravable jewellery: the personalised option that lets you customise your story. Our engravable jewellery range includes minimalist pieces that you can have adorned with one, or up to three letters depending on the piece.

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