The Revival of T Bar and Fob Chains

Stepping onto the great circular rollercoaster that is fashion, we can’t help but jump at the recent resurgence of an ever-classic necklace staple T Bar and Fob Chains. With a history that dates back to centuries, let’s dive into origins of these vintage ‘become new again’ beauties and explore why they are making a trendy comeback! 

The History Of The Fob Chain:   

An accessory originally designed through necessity, fob chain necklaces date back to the 17th century and were created to secure pocket watches to their wearer by looping through the top clasp of a watch and inserting the bar through a buttonhole. Usually made with an ornate chain embellished the ‘fob’ name we now know now originally comes from the pendant attached which is called a fob.  
During the Victorian era, fob chains embraced elaborate charms, gemstones, and intricate engravings, transcending their utilitarian origins. Contemporary fob chain jewellery pays homage to this storied legacy while embracing a modern twist.  

Differentiating Fob Chains and T Bar Chains:


A fob chain presents an ornamental chain with a pendant suspended at one end, like an engraving or stone while a T bar chain features a T-shaped bar that slides through a loop, securing the necklace. Here fobs tend to exude vintage intricacy and space for personalisation, and T bar chains tend to lean toward minimalism and contemporary aesthetics.

Fashion’s Modern Take 

A blend of these two concepts, modern fashion and current seasonal trends tend to hybrid these two concepts creating a unique elongating neckline that plays into fun personalisation.  
The revival of T bar and fob chains highlight the timeless appeal of classic designs in the ever-evolving realm of fashion. This resurgence gracefully blends history with current trends, offering a glimpse into the past while embracing the spirit of today. From their utilitarian roots to becoming modern fashion statements, fob chains epitomize elegance and nostalgia. As fashion enthusiasts continue to embrace these charming accessories, we witness the harmonious convergence of craftsmanship and contemporary allure.