The Medley Clasp | How to Style a Personalised Stack

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In case you haven’t heard, personalisation is the most important trend in jewellery right now. Do we exaggerate? Not really – hear us out:

Jewellery is already inherently personal. You wear it close, and it’s designed to wear often – even more so than your favourite tee or perfectly worn-in jeans. So, adding an extra layer (or several) of personalisation makes your jewellery that much more special.

And, while personalised jewellery is having an undeniably major moment in 2022, it’s also one of those true forever-trends. After all, expressing the essence of yourself through your style is the very definition of timeless.

We also know that there are many, many layers (see what we did there?) that make up your story – so a truly personalised look is all about stacking up meaningful pieces. Enter: the Medley Clasp

What is the Medley Clasp?

In a nutshell, the Medley Clasp is a spring-loaded clasp built into some of our most classic necklace and bracelet designs, which allows you to add your favourite pendants to your piece.

Designed to be worn at the front against your chest, or shown off against your wrist, this is a clasp that you actually want to show (no more endless rotating of your necklace throughout the day).

The Medley Clasp can hold several pendants at a time. We generally recommend three pendants as the sweet spot, to achieve a stacked, textured, and personalised look while ensuring each layer can be seen.

Which jewellery features the Medley Clasp?

Stack up your individual, personalised jewellery look with our Medley Clasp available on these essential styles:

1. Boyfriend paperclip chain and bracelet

The paperclip chain is a modern classic. With a timeless, evenly-sized link design in a contemporary rectangular shape, paperclip chains can be worn alone or easily layered with chains in different designs. Our boyfriend paperclip hits the perfect balance of statement width and everyday wearability, and it’s available in both a necklace and bracelet, in 18k gold plating and 925 sterling silver.

These pieces are complete with the Medley Clasp, so you can layer up a modern take on a charm bracelet or stacked pendant necklace.

2. Heavy curb chain and bracelet

Bold, heavyweight styling and personalised stacking are the perfect match for a statement look. After all, if you’re going to express yourself through your style, you might as well make it unmissable.

Our heavy curb chain styles are must-haves if you like it bold. Available in a necklace and a bracelet, in 18k gold plating and 925 sterling silver, make these pieces your own with stacked-up pendants of your choosing.

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Style our pendants with the Medley Clasp

When it comes to personalised jewellery, engravable jewellery is the ultimate. And happily, all of our engravable pendants are compatible with the Medley Clasp.

From sterling silver to gold; classic circular shapes to elongated bar pendants; minimalist metal to diamond-adorned; and dainty pieces that allow a letter engraved to larger styles that allow up to three initials; you can mix and stack a layered pendant look that’s truly unique to you.

Our diamond zodiac pendants are also the perfect fit for the Medley Clasp; simply slip them off their chain and onto the clasp to add extra meaning and unique texture to your look.

Here are some of our favourite, personalised stacking ideas:

- Minimalist metal: keep it simple and chic with subtle 10k gold pendant layers in your favourite precious metal. We love the effortless approach of layering two of our engravable disk pendants, in our regular and mini sizes, in either 10k gold or sterling silver. Add whichever letters have meaning to you.

- Mixed metals: take the minimalist metal approach but make it a little extra, by adding a second metal colour to the mix. We recommend layering one pendant in the same colour as your chain, with one or two in another metal for a look that’s eclectic yet polished. The addition of diamonds will elevate your look even further. 

- Diamonds on diamonds: layer two or three of our diamond-bordered engravable pendants. With space for one letter on each, spell out your full initials over your stack, or those of your favourite people. Layer our disk and bar styles to add interest and slip your diamond zodiac on top for impact.

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