Star Sign Necklaces & Zodiac Jewellery

Personalised jewellery is a favourite forever-trend, allowing you to wear a special piece of jewellery that represents who you are. Celebrate your star sign with our collection of zodiac jewellery designed to be worn every day. 

Celebrate your star sign with our personalised zodiac jewellery.


From Aries to Taurus, Capricorn to Sagittarius, Gemini to Virgo, embrace your astrological sign. They say it’s written in the stars; we say it’s written in your style. Our Zodiac charm pendant necklaces are designed to be worn with confidence every day. If you love to keep your eyes on the night sky you need to explore our dreamy collection of star sign necklaces. Put some of your faith in the stars and select a piece of Zodiac jewellery to wear as a staple day-to-day piece or even to complement your evening look. Our collection of Zodiac necklaces can be easily paired with both casual and formal outfits, making them a must-have for your jewellery box.

Medley jewellery offer gorgeous diamond Zodiac signs in our collection in a variety of metal finishes including sterling silver and 18k fine gold plated. All of our solid metal pieces are designed to be trusty, timeless, and reliably gorgeous – that is why we use 10k gold, an international standard that’s tougher than other types of gold. Alternatively, our sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver with a final micro-layer of silver plating for extra shine. So whether you choose silver or gold, you can’t go wrong either way.

The beauty of our Zodiac jewellery lies in both the personal meaning as well as the design. So wear a touch of your personality along your collarbones with a piece that is uniquely you. Our Zodiac designs also make wonderful gifts for a special someone, whether it be family, your significant other, or best friend! Make your style sparkle and shop star sign jewellery with Medley online today.