The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Everyone You Love)

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and chances are you either love it or hate it. But whichever side of Cupid’s arrow you sit on, we can all agree that celebrating the people we care most about is good for the soul.
When we say the people you care about, we don’t just mean romance - we mean all the amazing types of love that make up our lives. That includes your best friends, your sister, and your parents, as well as your partner. Oh, and let’s not forget the most important love of all (we’re talking about you!).
This year, just take what’s awesome about Valentine’s – celebrating love – and let the people in your life know how important they are. We’ve got the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas to help you do it.
Valentine’s gifts for your best friend:
A true love of your life, who better to celebrate this Valentine’s than your BFF? The one who’s always in your corner, who knows everything embarrassing you’ve ever done (and still loves you anyway) deserves a trophy. Or, may we suggest, a cute jewellery gift?
Matching friendship jewellery is a meaningful gesture and a wearable symbol of your bond. One of our favourite best friend jewellery gift ideas is matching zodiac necklaces. You can each wear your own star sign in a matching design, to celebrate what makes you each unique and celebrate your connection. This idea also works a treat for your sister, Mum, or daughter.
Valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend:
If you have been dating for a short time or a long time, use Valentine’s Day as a chance to let them know they're pretty great. A good Valentines Day gift for your girlfriend is something thoughtful, yet understated. Personalised jewellery is always a great idea, as it’s made to last and always comes across as special.
If you’re shying away at the thought of big flashy bling, never fear – our engravable jewellery is simple, meaningful, and will suit anyone’s personal style. In other words, she’ll love it. Unsure what to engrave? Her initials, or the first letter of her name, are great ways to personalise without being over-the-top.
Valentine’s gifts for your wife:
She’s your absolute queen, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind her of this important fact. Whether you’re married or she’s your long-term partner, for your one and only we recommend diamonds.
Our diamond letter necklaces in either 10k solid gold or sterling silver are unmistakably special, yet dainty enough for her to wear every day. Gift her any letter or letters that will have meaning to her – whether it’s her own initial or yours – or if you have kids together, their initials are a lovely romantic gift idea. For a little more, our diamond words including ‘love’, ‘mama’, and ‘xo’ will make her feel extra special.
Valentine’s gifts for yourself:
As Carrie Bradshaw said, “the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” So while you’re thinking up the perfect gifts for everyone you love this Valentine’s, don’t forget about number one. Whether you want to celebrate something you’ve achieved, wear a piece to manifest what you want for the year, or just treat yourself because you deserve it – we are all in favour of a little gift-to-self self love jewellery.
Something classic that you can wear every day is perfect; we suggest a self love gift like the foundational gold chain, a modern laboratory grown diamond piece; or maybe a diamond pavé heart necklace so you can feel the love every time you look in the mirror.
You’ve got the gift – now what?
Once you’ve chosen the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, there’s the matter of how to give it. As a little bonus, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Valentine’s date ideas – whether you’re celebrating with your partner, BFF, or yourself.
Low-key yet romantic:
• It might not sound glamorous, but sometimes the best dates happen at home. A home-cooked dinner, wine, and a good movie are the perfect combo.
• Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love a picnic? A great date idea for your BFF or significant other, grab a blanket, pack some goodies, and head somewhere scenic to chill out for as long as you want.
For the wine-and-dine type:
• Getting dressed up and heading out for a tried-and-true date night is a Valentine’s classic for a reason. Book their fave restaurant, or a new one that serves up their favourite cuisine for bonus points.
• If it’s a special year for the two of you – say you’re recently engaged or married, or you have a significant anniversary coming up – why not go the extra mile for Valentine’s Day? A weekend away is the ultimate date.
For you:
• Put on your new favourite piece of jewellery and take yourself out for coffee, for a picnic with your fave book, to an art gallery, or go and explore somewhere new for the day.
• If your Valentine’s is all about treating yourself, lean into that with an at-home pamper session. Put on a face mask and indulge in a bubble bath – with a wine on hand, of course.
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