Introducing Winter ’24: Linéaire


Introducing our newest seasonal collection, inspired by an era that still sparks innovation and artistic creation more than a century on... Here, we call on all things Art Deco to form our Winter ‘24 collection, Linéaire. Empowering you to follow the line, but not the rules.  

Read on to delve into our vision for Winter ’24 and discover all the new season jewellery that is shaped by its bold silhouettes and fine fluted ridges. 

The Vision

The timeless allure of Linéaire traces its origins to the Art Deco movement. The aesthetics of this era, beginning around 1910 and reaching its peak in 1925, celebrated the bold simplicity of geometric lines and symmetry worthy of Wes Anderson, artfully conglomerated with domes, curves, and touches of elaborate decoration. 

Influencing every field from architecture and interior design to fashion and everyday objects, Art Deco is synonymous with fine materials and luxurious craftsmanship.  

Originating in Paris, the movement took influence from all corners, including the art and architecture of China, Japan, and India; the vivid costumes and sets of the Ballet Russes; Cubist and Futurist art; and ancient Egyptian, Mayan, and Mesopotamian decoration - creating a radical modern fusion of aesthetics.

Some iconic Art Deco works include New York’s Chrysler Building with its chrome-plated sunburst cladding; Autoportrait, a painting encapsulating the 1920s modern woman by Tamara De Lempicka; and the Secession Building in Vienna, combining straight lines and a clean façade with rounded shapes, decorative touches, and perfect symmetry.  

In jewellery, designers embraced vibrant colourful gemstones, elaborate silhouettes and unexpected materials like enamel and glass. Diamonds were reimagined, with geometric shapes including the emerald, kite, and baguette cuts gaining popularity - a preference for fancy cuts which parallels today’s modern mindset. With flapper fashion, which liberated women’s limbs and saw the introduction of short, sleek haircuts, came the new staple accessories of stacked bracelets and ornate drop earrings.

Art Deco encapsulated a world in transition, the exuberance of the early 20th Century with its rapid technological advances.  

While the movement declined with the post-World War II preference for practicality over adornment, the cultural fusion, luxurious craftsmanship, and harmony between clean lines and intricacy that defined Art Deco also ensured its timeless appeal. With an ardent resurgence following Gatsby fever circa 2013, the aesthetics and design philosophy of Art Deco continue to influence and delight 100 years after the movement first reached its zenith. 

The Campaign

Our new season jewellery embodies the bold curves, straight lines, mergence of sharp and soft, that defined the Art Deco movement. Our campaign celebrates this aesthetic influence through the movement of our muses, Zoe and Rino, who embrace the graphic lines and flowing curves through their own kinetic interpretations.  

Our simplistic studio background allows for our muses and jewellery to take the fore, as well as a wardrobe of texture, volume, and forms that celebrate silhouettes and skin.  

Fresh yet sultry make-up is paired with hairstyling that gives a subtle nod to both the iconic flapper bob and Hollywood’s golden era glamour of the 1920s.  

The refined play of light and shadow emphasises linear styles, bold links and statement domes, and delicate fine lines.  

The Jewellery

It wouldn’t be an ode to the era without sharp linear shapes, bold geometric designs, and curvaceous domes, alongside delicate styles that celebrate the craftsmanship, preference for fine materials, and popularity of gemstones that marked Art Deco.  

Discover the boldest chain style in our new San Marco bracelet and necklace, celebrating the kite shape which originated with Art Deco. 

Our triple wave edit embodies a contemporary take on curved forms, while our two-tone Cuban chains offer a dramatic look with a nod to Art Deco’s love for lustrous metals.

An iconic hallmark of the movement was the baguette cut in diamonds and gemstones, which our new season jewellery collection embraces in statement, geometric rings and huggies.  

For the lovers of contemporary colour, our new gemstone jewellery features whimsical designs with cascading stone droplets, in an unexpected smokey colour palette.  

Finally, our new ribbed jewellery designs evoke the bold simplicity of straight lines, in dimensional rise-and-fall silhouettes; while the fan designs channel the sunburst motif synonymous with the aesthetic. 

At Medley, we’re always dedicated to creating timeless pieces for your modern jewellery wardrobe, and our newest collection includes essential foundational styles crafted in keep-forever conflict-free10k gold, ethically sourcednatural diamondsand sustainably ratedlaboratory-grown diamonds, from fine bracelets and chains to elevated additions to your earring stack. 

Explore our new Winter ’24 jewellery collection now. 

Medley Winter ‘24

Photographer: @libbywillisphoto

Videographer: @luka.films

Models: @2rino & @zoevanzaal

Stylist: @lewstyled

MUA: @gemmaelaine


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