Find Your Bridal Style: Classic-Meets-Modern Jewellery Ideas

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2022 is the year of the return of weddings, and we’re excited for a couple of reasons. One, it’s high time for some celebrations (and what’s better to celebrate than love?); and two we adore checking out bridal style (whether it’s our BFF’s wedding, or a celebrity’s).

While much of the wedding preparation energy is spent, understandably, on *the dress*, accessories should certainly not be left as an afterthought – especially on such a momentous day.

To inspire your bridal style, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite bridal jewellery looks, as well as cute jewellery gift ideas for your bridal party.
Now, before you cringe at thoughts of old-fashioned pearl styles or over-the-top, unaffordable diamonds, rest assured our bridal jewellery ideas are based on some serious criteria: modern, cool, and timeless.

Not only will these looks beautifully accentuate your wedding day look (whatever your bridal style), you can add your bridal pieces right into your jewellery collection after the big day. And, unlike your dress, you can re-wear these pieces as often as you like; both as elevated jewellery for every day and as lasting, wearable reminders of your special day.
Tradition with a twist: modern pearls
Pearls, on your wedding day? Ground-breaking, we know. But trust us when we say that when it comes to pearls, everything old is new again. This ever-so-classic gem is very much trending, thanks to modern designs that lend them a fresh feel.

Put aside thoughts of your grandmother’s chunky strand of pearls, and instead take this notion of “something old (fashioned)” and turn it into “something new”. Think glowy micro pearl bridal earrings that give an understated nod to tradition in a way that feels right for now.

Our micro pearl huggies and pearl huggies are a dreamy addition to your white, ivory, ecru or champagne bridal look. For extra fashion points (especially if you plan to wear your hair up), stack both pearl hoops on your ear, or, pair them with a diamond stud. If you like an unexpected vibe, style them alongside a yellow gold hoop.  

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Elegant (and accessible) bridal diamonds

For the most timeless, elegant look that will add an extra touch of luxe, you can’t go past classic diamond wedding jewellery.

If diamonds make you think of big bling that will set you back more than your wedding dress, let us shift your thinking. We’re talking about modern takes on the most enduring jewellery styles, set with dainty diamonds that make them *actually* accessible.

For the ultimate statement of taste and luxury, drape a diamond tennis bracelet around your wrist. A fluid strand of diamonds of matching size and quality, this jewellery classic is an always-stylish nod to vintage glamour (kind of the jewellery equivalent of Zendaya in early ‘90s Valentino).

A diamond tennis bracelet will also draw extra, sparkling attention to the engagement and wedding rings on your hand (bonus). With our range at Medley you can choose the perfect one to suit your wedding dress shade and ring colour, including white or champagne diamonds set in 10k yellow gold, or white diamonds in sterling silver.

Want a little more? Bring the sparkle to your lobes with an essential pair of light-reflecting diamond solitaire studs, or your favourite micro diamond studs or hoops.

For the considered bride: laboratory-grown diamonds

The most 2022 way to shine, laboratory-grown diamonds give you all the sparkle of the natural mined variety. Created with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that emulate the forces and conditions that cause natural diamonds to form below the Earth’s surface, these beautiful stones possess the light-reflecting sparkle and hardness of mined diamonds.

In fact, you can find chic laboratory-grown diamond jewellery with luxe colour and clarity grades (which means bright, stunning sparkle) for a much more accessible price than a mined diamond of the same quality.

For a refined, elegant bridal jewellery look, pair an understated (yet radiant) solitaire necklace with solitaire stud earrings. These pieces will live on in your jewellery wardrobe long after the big day, and you can style them easily with all of your existing jewellery favourites.

Our laboratory-grown range includes round, oval, and baguette cut diamonds; so you can create a beautifully matched look with pieces in the same shape, or mix them up for subtle added interest. 

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Meaningful gifts for your bridal party

Once you have your own bridal jewellery look perfected, it’s time to find some sweet tokens to thank your friends and family for being part of your celebration.

A jewellery gift will last as a wearable reminder of your big day and of your bond with each other.  And, if you give your gifts while getting ready together, your bridal party and family can wear their gifts during the ceremony and reception for an extra special touch.

These are a few of our favourite, thoughtful jewellery gifts for your bridal party:

- Diamond letter necklaces: precious and personal, these make a special gift for your absolute nearest and dearest, such as your mum and maid of honour.

- Engravables: cute, personalised gestures including fine bracelets, mini signet rings, and 10k gold pendants. Make it bougie with our micro diamond-framed engravable pendants.

- Zodiac jewellery: another cute way to give a personalised gift. Choose from gold, sterling silver, and diamond adorned star sign necklaces and zodiac pendants.


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