Earring Chains: How to Elevate your Earring Style

Hoops, studs, drops, huggies, earring charms: for the curated ear girlies, there’s a good chance you’ve styled them all. So if you are thinking, “there can’t possibly be any more new, modern and fashionable options out there to elevate my ear stack!” – well, let us introduce you to earring chains.   
Threader earrings and earring connector chains are the must-have ear stacking accessory for 2023. These styles bring impactful length, movement, and texture to your curated ear ; so whether you’re rocking two piercings or a whole earful, you can take your look to the next level.  
In this blog you’ll discover what earring threads and connector chains are, how to wear them, and our top styling tips for adding them to your ear stack.

What’s the difference between threader chain earrings and earring connector chains?  

Threader chain earrings and earring connector chains are similar in that both styles are usually comprised of a fine chain, and they’re designed to add an extra layer of light-catching movement to your ear stack. The difference between these two styles is that a threader earring is designed to place through an ear piercing and can be worn alone; while an earring connector chain needs to be attached to one or two earrings.

What are threader earrings?  

Threader earrings are fine, elongated styles that are designed to thread through your ear piercing and dangle on either side.  Usually comprised of a delicate chain or fine metal bars, thread through earrings might also feature diamonds, pearls, gemstones, or metal beads or charms. 
Threader earrings are bit like a combination between stud and drop earrings. To put them on, simply slide the post at the end of the thread through your piercing, similar to the way you’d put on your studs. You can then gently pull the earring thread through your lobe until you have an even amount of drop on both sides, or create an asymmetric look with a longer drop on one side.

How to wear threader earrings?  

Threader earrings bring a unique edge to your look, but they’re also super versatile and easy to wear.  
Adding length, texture, and movement to your look, you can wear your threader earrings alone for a subtle statement. If you have multiple piercings, pair your thread through earrings with studs, hoops, or huggies, to build a curated ear. To keep your ear stack looking polished, stick to the same metal colour – for instance, wear a yellow gold thread earring with a yellow gold huggie. Threader earrings also look great when stacked up, so wear two or more threaders on the same ear for an eye-catching statement.

Are threader earrings comfortable?  

Threader earrings are most often very fine, lightweight chain styles, which makes them comfortable and easy to wear. They also don’t require an earring backing – the counterbalance of the thread hanging on both sides of your ear is what secures it in place.
To avoid any potential snags or pulls, just keep in mind your outfit when wearing threader earrings. If you are wearing anything high up around your neck and your threader earring drops low, ensure your earring won’t get tangled or pulled when you adjust your clothes. And if you’re prone to re-doing your hairstyle 10, 000 times a day (we’re not judging, just relating) make sure you don’t grab your threader earring along with your tresses.

What are earring chains?  

An earring connector chain is a small chain that’s designed to attach between two different earrings on the same ear, or to the front and back of one earring. Earring connector chains feature a loop on each end, which you can slide onto a stud earring backing or onto a hoop or huggie earring.

Earring chains are a great style to help you level up your curated ear look by adding layers onto your existing favourite pieces, and you can work them into your every ear stack.

How to wear connector chains?  

Earring connector chains can be worn in a way that’s uniquely understated, through to a stacked-up statement vibe.
If you have one piercing in each ear, use an earring connector chain to elevate your look and give it an unexpected edge. If you’re connecting your earring chain to one earring only, a stud will work best. Simply slide one loop over your stud earring post, pushing it right up behind your earring setting; slip your stud through your ear piercing; then slide the loop at the other end of your chain onto your earring post, behind your ear lobe. Secure with your stud earring backing and voila – length, movement, texture!

If you have multiple piercings, attach your earring chain between two stud earrings to draw extra attention to your stack. You can secure your earring chain at the front of your ear or behind – play around to see what look you prefer. Also experiment between wearing your earring connector chain on your lobes, or higher up on your ear cartilage, to create your personalised, unique stack.


How to wear threaders and earring chains for multiple piercings?  

The whole point of having multiple piercings is to create endless possibilities for stacking, layering, and experimenting with your curated ear look – right?! For anyone who likes to personalise or create a statement look, threader earrings and earring chains are must-haves. These styles will bring fluidity, texture, and longer layers, along with an extra point of interest to your stack.
Here are a few of our top ideas for styling threaders and earring connector chains for multiple piercings; from a simple polished stack to statement, unique layers.

1. Simply Threaded

For an effortless, minimalist, yet interesting look you can wear day-to-day, pair your gold threader earring or silver threader earring with a simple stud or huggie in the same metal.

2. Connect Two

If you have a go-to pairing that you wear on repeat – say, two diamond studs, or a huggie and a stud – take your everyday look to the next level with an earring connector chain. Simply connect it between your two pieces to create a visually interesting and layered effect.

3. Helix Wrap

Chain earrings aren’t just for your lobes. Play up the unconventional appearance of an earring connector chain by attaching it to your helix piercing. This will bring extra attention to your helix earring and create a chic modern look. Simply wrap your connector chain around your ear cartilage, by attaching it to the front and back of the same stud earring. If length allows, you can also attach your connector chain between a helix and a lobe earring.

4. Cascading Chains

Build up your bold, textured, eye-catching ear stack by styling multiple chain earrings at the same time. Try a threader in your lobe, along with an earring connector chain on your helix; or wear two or more threaders in your piercings for the ultimate statement. Add our double earring connector chain to the mix for extra layers and light-catching movement.

5. Dripping Chains

Experiment with hanging your chains on your favourite sleepers to create an eclectic, individual look that plays on the unique nature of your earring chains. You can even add diamonds and gemstones to the mix for extra colour, sparkle, and dimension.

Whether you’re styling a solo piercing or looking to level up a multiple-earring stack, earring chains including threaders and connector chains are your new must-haves. Add one of our threader earrings and earring connector chains in 10k gold or 925 sterling silver to your collection, and take every curated ear look to layered, textured new heights.