Chain Attraction: Your Guide to Styling Curb Jewellery

Chain jewellery is that ultimate style that manages to be effortlessly timeless yet cool and a bit edgy, all at the same time. So it’s no wonder chains are considered the non-negotiable, fundamental essential to every good jewellery wardrobe. 

In this blog, we’re putting the spotlight on one of the most classic chain designs: the curb chain. Discover the history of curb chain jewellery and its symbolism, as well as the must-have curb chain jewellery pieces and how to wear them.

What Are The Types of Chain Links?  

The most popular styles of chains include belcher (or rolo) chains, paperclip chains, herringbone chains, Singapore chains, cable knit chains, figaro chains, anchor chains, rope chains, and curb chains. Each type of chain is defined by its unique link styles, pattern, or construction (no points for guessing what inspired rope chains). 

What Is A Curb Chain? 

Of the many different chain link styles in jewellery, the curb chain is one of the most classic. What differentiates a curb chain design is its flat, symmetrical links. Curb chain links are twisted around and interlocked securely so that each link faces forwards, lying flat against your skin, which gives the curb chain a solid-edged appearance. Showcasing each link from its widest angle, curb chains have an inherently bold look, making them the perfect everyday chain for understated yet noticeable style.

The History of Curb Chain Jewellery

Like the history of many jewellery styles, the curb chain has pretty unexpected beginnings. The curb chain design has its roots in horse riding. The ‘curb’ is the strap which goes underneath the horse’s chin and is connected to the reigns, which is used to help guide and train the horse. This strap, traditionally made of leather, is designed to lie flush against the horse’s chin and avoid twisting, for comfort. So curb chains, which are defined by their flat-lying links that sit flush against your skin, took their name from this flat strap.  

 Chain jewellery itself has a history as old as some of the oldest known civilisations, with artefacts of chain jewellery sometimes dating back over 4,000 years and discovered from Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome.  

 Over the centuries, designs and techniques for crafting jewellery became more refined, and the styles and weights of chains that were in fashion fluctuated as did any trend. Today, the classic chain necklace or chain bracelet in gold or silver is a timeless and versatile jewellery piece that’s always in style.  

 Curb chains are one of the most iconic styles, so you can’t go wrong adding a curb chain necklace or bracelet to your daily rotation. At Medley, our range of curb chain jewellery includes earrings and rings, as well as necklaces and bracelets, so for the die-hard chain jewellery lovers, you can adorn yourselves top to toe in the must-have curb link.   

What Does Curb Chain Jewellery Symbolise? 

 Chain jewellery, with its interconnected links, is often thought to symbolise connection, togetherness, and special bonds. With its tightly fastened links, uniformly facing and with the hollow between each link facing forwards, the curb chain in particular can be seen to represent especially strong connections, unity, and even openness.  


From a style perspective, those who favour the curb chain over other styles tend to be drawn to its strong, bold, solid appearance. In this way, the curb chain can be a representation of your inner strength and a reminder not to shy away from using your voice. You can even wear a statement curb chain as your personal reminder to have confidence, stand up for yourself, and fully personify the kind of gal whose chain of choice is a curb chain (i.e.: a bad B.). 

What Curb Chain Jewellery Styles Should You Own? 

When you think of curb chain jewellery, chances are you think of the classics: chain necklaces and bracelets. But at Medley you can find a range of modern, considered jewellery pieces using the classic curb link design. 

 Curb Chain Necklace:
From fine, subtle styles for every day to chunky statement chains, the curb necklace is timeless and versatile.

    Curb Chain Bracelet:
    Your perfect bracelet for every day, a curb chain style brings just the right amount of statement and shine.

    Curb Chain Ring
    Every stylish, stackable ring collection needs a mix of textures for endless, unique looks. A chain link ring is a bold yet versatile addition to every stack.

    Curb Chain Earrings:
    Chain earrings are trending, and our curb link styles offer a bold, modern take. From classic
    curb chain drop earrings to our sculptural link hoops and studs, these pieces will bring edge and elevation to your curated ear.   

    How To Style Curb Chain Jewellery: 

     Standalone Statement 
    As we’ve covered, curb chains, while timeless and versatile for everyday styling, are statement pieces thanks to their flat-lying links and solid-edged appearance. A curb chain has noticeable width, whether you go for a fine style or a chunky chain, so it’s perfect to wear alone for just the right amount of shine. A classic curb chain ring or necklace in gold or silver is the ultimate throw-on-and-go piece for every day. 

     A Little Bit of Layering 
    Want to build more of a statement look? Layer your curb chain necklace with another chain necklace in the same metal colour but a different texture. Pair a curb chain bracelet with a solid bangle. Stack a pair of curb chain drop earrings with a simple huggie or stud. Or, stack a curb chain ring with a dome ring or diamond ring for an artful texture clash.  

    A Lot of Layering 
    Embrace the bold, brash look of chunky curb chain jewellery by stacking on statement layers. Pair a heavy curb chain necklace or bracelet with additional chunky chains and bangles, add pendants to the mix, or stack multiple rings or earrings around your chosen curb link piece.  

     Chains on Chains 
    Lean into the chain earring trend AND the stacked ear trend, by stacking a few different chain earring styles. Our curb link studs are the perfect basis for this look, with their solid, sculptural appearance, which contrasts beautifully with a finer style like our drop chain ear cuff. 


     Classic yet modern, versatile yet bold, curb chain jewellery is an essential in every jewellery wardrobe. Start with a timeless curb chain necklace or bracelet to layer into your everyday looks, or choose unique, statement styles like curb chain earrings and chain rings to bring interest to your stacks. Explore our range of curb chain jewellery at Medley to find your new favourite.