A Moment with Medley: Meet the Founder of Barni Skin

Here at Medley, we love getting to know (and sharing with you!) local Aussie brands that we think are great. Recently, we partnered up with the amazing Barni Skinfor an Insta giveaway – and fell in love with the brand along the way.

Founded by Riley Mitchell, Barni Skin is all about expertly-formulated skincare which gives you that impossibly glowy, healthy, holiday skin all year round. Their small range of products are packed with actives, vitamins and botanicals. Using responsibly-sourced ingredients to create effective formulas that suit every skin type, you can swap the exhaustive 20-step regime for a simple, skin-loving ritual you’ll *actually* stick to.  

Intrigued? We spoke to Founder, Riley, about his inspiration, the day-in-the-life of a skincare entrepreneur, and why you’ll love the brand. 

1. We would love to know what inspired you to start Barni Skin? 

I’m lucky enough to have grown up in the cosmetic manufacturing industry working in my family’s business. Being involved in all areas of the business from packing products on the production line, sourcing ingredients and helping formulate products. Over these 10+ years I noticed a gap in the market for a fun, no BS skincare brand that uses active ingredients at clinically proven percentages. After 2 years of testing and trialling different formulations, Barni was born! 

2. What drives you to create and be entrepreneurial day in and day out?

The ability to create your own journey and change people’s lives along the way. It blows me away the messages and skin transformation images we receive from our customers. Both of my parents have always inspired me to start my own business and give everything 110%.

3. What does a normal day in your life look like?

Every day is different, which is awesome! Mostly meetings, emails, new product development, creating content and finishing off the day at gym or going for a run.

4. What are some of the key brand values you emulate with Barni Skin? 

Down to earth, transparent, humble, and friendly!

5. What is your desert island Barni skin product (you have to choose one!)? 

Our Holiday Glow Serum!

6. Lastly, what would be your go-to Medley Jewellery look to pair with your glowing Barni Skin complexion? 

It’s got to be the Curb Chain Necklace in Gold!

Skincare + Jewellery Care

While we’re talking about skincare, it seems like a good opportunity to brush up on the Medley guide to caring for your jewellery, too. The simplest – and probably most important rule – is when you wear it and when you don’t.

We always recommend a last-on, first-off approach to jewellery to avoid any activities which could lead to unwanted scratches or dings, and keep your jewellery looking its best. Pop on your jewellery as the finishing touch before you head out the door each day and take it off when you get home, to ensure you can treasure your pieces for a long time to come.

It’s always best to remove your jewellery before showering or using products so that you can avoid residue and potential snags (water running down your forearms and onto your tennis bracelet? No thanks). So, take your jewellery stack off before starting on your nighttime skincare routine and put it away in your jewellery box or pouches to keep it shiny and safe.  

Loved getting to know Barni Skin with us? Stay tuned for more Moments with Medley and discover local brands and entrepreneurs that we think are worth shouting about. In the meantime, if you’re anything like us, your skincare obsession is matched only by jewellery (of course).