Worn for Nikki Cruz

We’re obsessed with Nikki Cruz’s style. The creator and curator of some seriously amazing content, Nikki hits that perfect balance of luxury, refined minimalism, and effortless vibes. She’s created a statement yet minimalistic jewellery look with her most-loved Medley silver pieces – get inspired by how she’s styled them.

Pieces worn by Nikki Cruz

A statement necklace is a no-brainer if you want to elevate a look. Nikki is wearing our stand-out yet classic Fundamental Chain in Sterling Silver

Nikki keeps her look consistent and chic by matching her necklace to a simple but bold bracelet, all in ultra-shiny sterling silver. This is a great rule of thumb if you want to style  jewellery in different areas but are unsure how to go about it – wear the same number of pieces in each area of a similar look. Nikki is wearing our attention-commanding  Maxi Paperclip Bracelet

Tying her whole jewellery look together, Nikki has topped off her sterling silver layers with our curvy Chunky Dome Earrings and our Barrel Ring both minimalistic and versatile yet statement-making styles.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a durable and affordable precious metal, and a great choice for everyday wear. Sterling silver is an alloy which is made up of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining part is other metals, which are used to add durability and help the jewellery hold its shape. 

925 Sterling is the standard when it comes to quality jewellery - you'll find it stamped on pieces from many of the world's biggest brands.