Wine Pairing With Atmata Wines

Atmata Wines Medley Jewellery Event
Creating The Perfect Combo: Organic Wine & Jewellery 

Recently, Medley hosted over 80 guests at Studio Gallery Group, Brisbane's newest art gallery to celebrate our Autumn '23 campaign: Love Knows No Bounds. The crowd was immersed in art, sound and lighting, whilst listening to an exclusive performance by Australian/French musician and songwriter Elodie Gervaise who wrote and produced an original song "Amour Libre" for our Autumn '23 campaign. The night was not complete without our favourite Atmata Wines, and we thought hey, what goes better with delicious organic wine? A jewellery and wine pairing. So here is our take on our favourite wine pairings, jewellery edition of course!

About Atmata Wines
We spoke to 100% Australian Certified Organic Wine, Atmata and got an insight into their brand story and must try wine!

What’s the Atmata Story?
Atmata, meaning ‘essence, from nature’, is 100% Australian Certified Organic from vine to bottle. The Atmata story began with the passion to source grapes from the highest quality organic vineyards across Australia with a strong focus on wines cultivated in harmony with nature. Grapes for Atmata’s current vintage were sourced from a 143-hectare organic vineyard in the Glenrowan region. This style of farming is particularly suited to Glenrowan’s warm and dry climate which lends itself to a minimalist approach and the cooling alpine breezes and free-draining soils, making it an ideal place for organic wine grape growing. The range includes a vibrant Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz – all vegan-friendly, made with minimal intervention, and perfect for a picnic with friends and family.

Why did you choose to make organic/vegan wines?
Noticing the current trends of increased ethical awareness and focus on health and well-being trends in the beverage industry, wine drinkers are seeking products that are both better for their bodies and the environment. Atmata delivers on the growing consumer need for making more conscious choices when selecting wine, and is easily identified with the Australian Organic Certified logo.

Which wine do you think is a must try?

Our must-try wine is the stylish and delicious Atmata Rosé which is bursting with vibrant flavours of watermelon and grapefruit – finishing with fresh acidity.

Favourite wine pairing?
Our favourite wine pairing is definitely the Atmata Rosé served chilled and perfectly matched with seafood linguine, summer salads, and charcuterie. Our Rosé is available in your local independent liquor store.

Atmata Wines Medley Jewellery Event

Wine Pairing: Medley X Atmata Wines
Why pair jewellery with wine? Well, we thought pairing our favourite wines and jewellery was the ultimate combos when it comes to special occasions. And who doesn’t want to learn more about their favourite things (aka organic wine!)! When it comes to choose what to wear to a wine tasting or to an evening filled with an Italian food and full-bodied red wine, let us help you find your perfect jewellery pairing below. 

Atmata Rose Wine and Jewellery Pairing

Rose Gold and Rose: Atmata Organic Rose paired with Medley
1. Engravable Oval Mini Locket in Rose Gold 2. Twizzle Chain in Rose Gold 3. Mini Full Moon Pendant in Rose Gold 4. White Topaz Rainbow Huggies in Rose Gold 5. Thick Dome Huggies in Rose Gold 6. Polished Plain Bangle in Rose Gold

Rosé wine and rose gold can be a lovely pairing that plays off the similar pink hues of both. Rosé wine can range in colour from very pale pink to deep rose, playing into the coppery tones of rose gold jewellery. Rosé wine is often associated with sunny days and outdoor gatherings, making it a popular choice for summer events. Rose gold, with its warm and inviting tone, can complement the festive atmosphere of a summer party, wine tasting, brunch or wedding. Consider pairing Atmata’s rosé and rose gold for a special occasion, such as an engagement party or anniversary celebration.
Atmata White Wine and Jewellery Pairing

Silver jewellery and white wine can be a refreshing and elegant pairing. White wine is often associated with warm weather, lightness, and freshness, making it a great choice for long lunches, summer nights and birthday celebrations. Silver jewellery can complement the fresh and light atmosphere of white wine, as well as add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Consider pairing silver jewellery and white wine, a simple and delicate silver necklace could pair well with Atmata’s light and crisp sauvignon blanc.
Atmata Red Wine and Jewellery Pairing

10k gold and red wine can make for a warm and inviting pairing. Red wine is often associated with more formal and elegant occasions, such as a dinner party or a romantic evening. Gold jewellery, with its warm and inviting tone, can complement the luxurious atmosphere of a red wine. Consider pairing gold and red wine for a special occasion, such as an anniversary or a fancy Italian dinner. Gold jewellery can have a variety of textures, from a smooth polished finish to a more hammered or brushed surface. Consider pairing Atmata’s full bodies shiraz with statement gold hoops and statement necklace.

Benefits of Organic Wine
Organic wine is made from grapes grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Some benefits include healthier for the consumer, better for the environment, higher quality, supports sustainable agriculture and no sulphites just to name a few! So when we stumbled across Atmata wines we knew we had the perfect wine to pair with our event, as Medley is also a brand with purpose, ethical, modern and responsibly sourced.

Atmata Wines Medley Jewellery Event
 Brief History On Organic Wine
According to this deep dive, the history of organic wine dates back to the early 20th century when Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, introduced the concept of biodynamic farming. Biodynamic farming involves using natural and organic methods to grow crops and raising livestock, while also considering the cosmic and spiritual influences on agriculture.
Atmata Wines Medley Jewellery Event
In 1991, the European Union established a legal framework for organic farming, which included standards for organic wine production. This allowed organic wines to be labelled as such and gave consumers a clear indication of the farming practices used to produce the wine. Today, organic wine production is a growing industry, with many wineries around the world embracing organic farming practices. The organic wine market has also expanded to include biodynamic and natural wines, which are made with even fewer additives and interventions.