Why is it Called a Tennis Bracelet?

The ultimate statement of luxury and taste. Diamonds of the same size and quality strung together, designed to hang delicately on the wrist. Say hello to the ever divine, tennis bracelet.  

A timeless accessory commonly spotted on the wrists of Hollywood’s elite (particularly at lavish red-carpet events), these diamond strung beauty’s are currently making a trend resurgence in a cool understated glam way. And, whether it be a case of ‘I’ve got fabulous items to rock and nowhere else to wear them’, or ‘life’s to short not to feel fabulous every day’, we’re so here for an everyday tennis bracelet trend.  

 But before you add to cart and shimmer your way to your next grocery shop, have you ever wondered how this bracelet earned its name? As non-tennis athletes, we certainly got to thinking and then, of course, we did a little research to find out exactly how the tennis bracelet got its name.   

Left to Right: Chris Evert @British Vogue / Mirrorpix via Pinterest | Chris Evert @sotherbys.com / Bob Thomas / Getty Images via Pinterest

Chris Evert 

 Whoever said that a diamond tennis bracelet was only a ‘special occasion’ accessory clearly hadn’t had the opportunity to glam up while competing in a world-renowned tennis match in front of the entire world… but not many of us will have this opportunity. Chris Evert lived and breathed tennis. Well known for her powerful backhand and a long list of amazing tennis achievements, Evert was ranked between No.1 and No.2 in the world from 1975-1986 (1). She won 18 major Championships and played with unforgettable precision and skill, making her a fierce competitor to anyone opposing her on the tennis court (1). Anyone else officially fangirling right now?  

During the 1987 U.S. Open (although the year of this event is debated) (2)  in New York, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Chris Evert and Lori McNeal began their tennis match (3). Evert played the match rocking her silver tennis bracelet, designed by George Bedewi, (3) which seemed like a total chic styling idea (think about all the cameras watching) until Evert’s treasured possession fell from her wrist. 

The Wimbledon champion insisted the game be paused until the bracelet was found. And we can’t blame her, if there’s anything worth halting an important sporting event for, we think a literal diamond drop would have to be high on the list. Officials obliging, the U.S. Open hit pause and Chris scoured the court to recover her bling. Which - for the peace of mind of all the diamond admirers out there, she did. 

Since this show-stopping event took place this string of delicate diamonds has been referred to as the tennis bracelet. 

Evert, choosing to don her diamonds rather than matching sporting accessories further solidified her fashion icon status. She made the tennis bracelet an everyday, everywhere fashion must-have. She paved the way for other tennis pros to shine not only in talent but with the diamonds on their wrists. Pros like Serena Williams have been seen following in Everts footsteps serving both a strong hit and some serious diamond bling. 

Left to Right: Serena Williams @theadventurine.com via Pinterest | Serena Williams @Bristish Vogue / Kelly Defina via Pinterest

Who wore it first? 

 Did you know that this style of bracelet originally went by the name of an ‘eternity bracelet’ in the years of flapper dresses and parties of the glitziest, grandest nature – the 1920’s (4). Often worn in multiples, layered on the wrists of the fashion elite. Who else dreams of an invite to the diamond dotted parties of Gatsby times? Wearing stacked diamond bracelets and sipping endless fountains of champagne. We’re just looking for someone to design a time machine and totally sign us up.  

How are we wearing it today?  

The beauty of the iconic tennis bracelet is not only its light reflecting micro diamonds, but also in its endlessly versatile nature. An accessory that is attention grabbing enough to wear on its own or pair it with a diamond letter necklace and gold chain stack for a vintage, glam vibe.  

If you love to layer your carefully curated pieces you can choose to create a bracelet stack with your other favourite pieces.

And, if you’re a ‘Bride to Be’ currently googling bridal jewellery inspiration, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity and elegance of a diamond tennis bracelet, pair with classic wedding pearls.  

 Wear it casually or dress it up, all you need to remember is that diamonds go with everything. 

  Choosing your own tennis bracelet: 

 Pick a tennis bracelet that feels the most comfortable on your wrist, whether that be of the finer or thicker in nature. Ensure it falls in a way that allows you to have freedom of movement, so that you too, can choose to never remove it from your wrist. 

 Your next decision is what tone you want to wear. Are you always rocking silver everything? Choose a silver tennis bracelet. Catching golden light wherever you go in golden accessories, keep that momentum, and add a gold or champagne tennis bracelet to the look. Feeling like adding an edge to your everyday style? We can’t get enough of our black diamond tennis bracelet. Or maybe you’re willing to embrace your inner Gatsby and layer all four? After all you can never have too many diamonds. 

 This is why we love the tennis bracelet; the options are endless, and you’ve got the ability to tailor a look specifically to you.   

 Looking after your tennis bracelet: 

 If you are going to stack your tennis bracelet, pair with it items that won’t rub across the top of it and cause any scratching to the diamonds. As we know you’re going to struggle to part with your tennis bracelet, so we suggest keeping a polishing cloth handy to make sure your diamond tennis bracelet is forever sparkling and ready for endless instagrammable moments. 

 We have no doubt that the tennis bracelet will be adorned on the wrists of people for many more years to come, continuing to cultivate its rich history of an alluring, timeless nature. 

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