What’s Trending: 925 Sterling Silver

You’d be forgiven to think that the fashion world has been totally gold-washed of late. From chunky statement jewellery to those fine, elevated everyday must-haves, gold has a forever place in our hearts – but we can’t help noticing (and totally getting on board) the resurgence of silver.

Blame it on the Y2K revival if you will, but silver jewellery is officially trending once again, and this time, it’s anything but cringe.

Forget the costume jewellery you have not-so-fond memories of. The new (and forever) way to wear silver is the real deal only: 925 sterling silver. And it’s trending in everything from your fine, everyday essentials to bold, outfit-making designs.

Read on to discover our case for gold’s cool-toned, also-precious cousin – which deserves a place of its own in your jewellery wardrobe.

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Silver styles we’re loving

Our general rule in life is that if it’s good enough for Rihanna, we’ll copy it immediately. So when we saw RiRi (and Zendaya, and Kim K) wear hugely opulent silver-toned jewels, we knew silver was definitely having a moment.
While the celeb versions may be overblown in size or encrusted in diamonds, you can get the look with more wearable, trending sterling silver styles.

Statement silver hoop earrings, chunky silver chains, and bold silver rings will help you tap into the celebrity-approved way to wear sterling silver jewellery.

These are some of our top picks for must-have silver jewellery, that’s trending now and that you’ll love always:

- A chunky silver chain

Just as cool as the chunky gold chain the fashion world is obsessed with, a heavyweight silver chain necklace or sterling silver choker is a must-have. Modern and androgynous, silver will also add a bit more edge to your look than its luxe counterpart; so wear it for an unexpected edge to a corporate or glam outfit. Pair silver chain necklaces layered with a sterling silver locket necklaces for a multi chain look. And of course, the real bonus of sterling silver is that it’s much more affordable than gold – so you can go big and bold on solid metal pieces.

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- A pair of silver statement hoops

Again, silver hoops are all about going as big and as bold as you like. Frame your face with reflective brightness, in sterling silver hoops or chunky silver huggies that offer an effortless take on glam. Our range of maxi-sized hoops at Medley will get you there.

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- A bold, stackable silver ring

Change up your ring stack with some fresh, cool-toned styles. You can go simple and stand-out with a single, bold silver ring; or create a full silver stack. You can also throw a silver style or two into the mix with your favourite gold rings, for a modern mixed-metal stack.

- A silver and diamond piece

While diamonds are certainly luxe, the base metal of a jewellery piece does factor into the overall cost – so if you want to add something truly precious to your collection, a silver and diamond piece is the perfect way to do it.

At Medley, we have a range of silver and diamond jewellery that marries luxe and cool – from sparkly pavé rings and studs, to our silver and diamond tennis bracelet, and for the ultimate modern piece, laboratory-grown diamond jewellery set in silver.

Should I wear silver or gold jewellery?

You’ve probably seen an article (or Reel) or two, saying you should upgrade to an ‘adult’ jewellery collection based around gold. Of course, we love gold – and pieces crafted in this precious metal are classic keepsakes. But there is no reason you should have to choose between the two!

Sterling silver is also a precious metal, and it’s timeless in its own right. Loved for its high shine (it’s the most reflective metal), it also ages beautifully – developing a vintage-style patina over years of wear.

So we say, if you love silver and you love gold, have - and wear - both. You can switch out your metal of choice day to day to suit your vibe, or wear both of them together; the cool tone of silver is the perfect partner to lush yellow gold.
And being the more affordable of the two, silver is a great choice for trying out jewellery trends. Win win!

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