What Does Your Ear Stack Say About You?

Are you ready to choose your player?

Like your favourite astrology reading with an ear party twist, our team have pulled out some of our favourite ear party looks and summarised exactly what we think they say about their wearer...disclaimer every style suits.

Big on style and with a personality to match. Our bold gold wearer happily pairs a punchy ear stack with their equally attention-grabbing wardrobe, celebrating their style in all its maximalised glory. They are centre of the party, full of energy and ready to take on life in their stride. 

Dome Huggie Hoops in 18k fine Gold Plated

Elegant, connected, and free flowing. Our chained-up ear party wearer celebrates a more refined style with a chained flair that flows with them. Whether they are in the office or out with drinks, they are the epitome of ‘I’ve just thrown this together and still look effortlessly chic’ vibe.

 A true lover of the finer things and firm believer that every day is worth celebrating. Our diamonds forever ear party wearer never saves best for special occasions because every day is reason enough to don their favourite pieces! 

With attention to their jewellery, they rock a neutral wardrobe drawing their attention straight up to all that sparkles; charming personality included.

A sentimental decision maker and keeper of ‘remember when’ mementos.
 personaliser ear party stacker loves to tell a story with their earrings, happily sharing stories of their favourite people to anyone willing to lend an ear.

A little eclectic and the most thoughtful friend, when it comes to ear stacking and adding personalised pieces, the limit does not exist.