Trend Alert: Wave Jewellery

In the realm of jewellery, geometric patterns and symmetrical designs are commonplace. But a new trend has surged which is made for Summer, drawing inspiration from the graceful curves, rhythmic movements, and ever-in-motion energy of ocean waves. This season it's all about jewellery in organic-inspired forms.

Celebrating the focal point of our Medley Summer ‘24 jewellery collection, the Wave edit, we’re delving into this trend, its symbolism, and how to wear it. 

Why we love wave jewellery

Organic shapes in jewellery represent a break from traditional designs and offer a subtle sense of individuality. These pieces celebrate asymmetry, fluidity, and irregularity, mirroring the spontaneous beauty found in the natural world. Drawing inspiration from nature, wave-inspired jewellery invites us on a journey of harmonious imperfection.

Our Summer ‘24 collection, Wavelength, invites you to totally free yourself and blur the lines. It’s all about having fun with your style, feeling the freedom to move between bold statements and introspective daintiness, wearing any and every piece that reflects and resonates with you; as your sense of self-expression changes from one moment to the next. 

Our Wave jewellery designs exemplify this vision: representing continuous movement and fluctuating expression, as our sense of self and our personal style evolves and switches - over time, or even from day to day.

From the delicate, subtle organic forms of our fine wave pieces crafted in 10k gold and diamonds; to the bold, unique silhouettes of our statement wave rings, bangles, and earrings, wear our Wave jewellery as a reminder to embrace the flow of life, and be whoever you want to be - whoever that may be in this moment. Slide to compare our bold and dainty designs.

Medley Ring Diamond Fine Wave Stacker Ring in 10k Gold
Medley Ring White Topaz Pave Wave Dome Ring in Gold

How to Style Wave Jewellery

Integrate our wave jewellery designs into your collection to bring a unique point of interest and add organic silhouettes to your look. Whether styling a fine, minimalistic wave piece or a bold style, here are some of our favourite ways to style wave-inspired jewellery. 

1. Mix and Match Metals:

Pair your wave jewellery with pieces that complement or contrast its metal finish. For a polished look, keep to the same metal colour: for instance, pair our fine wave stacker ring in 10k gold with a gold bracelet and hoops. For a more eclectic, modern look, mix your metals: we love the combo of our gold and silver bold wave styles stacked next to each other. Stack the wave dome bangle in gold with the wave dome bangle in silver for a high-impact statement.

2. Layer Minimalist Pieces

If you are drawn to our 10k gold and diamond wave pieces that are dainty and subtle, layer with delicate necklaces or bracelets from your collection. This will add interest and individuality to your look, while keeping the overall vibe fine and delicate. Pair our diamond fine wave huggie earrings with tiny diamond studs or understated gold huggies. 

3. Build a Bold Statement

Our Summer ‘24 Wavelength collection is all about self-expression. So for those days you want to show up loud and proud (or even fake it til you make it), go bold with our wave dome pieces. Even a single style, like our midi wave huggie earrings with white topaz pave, or wave dome ring in silver or gold, can help you channel confidence and inner power. If you want more, simply stack multiple wave dome pieces, or style them alongside bold pieces from your existing collection.

4. Add Radiance

When in doubt, a hit of sparkle never goes awry. Made for summertime styling and elevating all of your event looks, our white topaz pave wave pieces glimmer from all angles. Bring a subtle yet noticeable touch to your everyday style with our mini wave huggies, or add some bold shine to your stacks with our wave dome rings and bangles. Pair these styles alongside your plain metal favourites, or with diamonds and gems, to express your individuality.

Add the fluid, dynamic shapes of wave jewellery to your collection to bring an organic-inspired touch, and a unique silhouette to your every stack. Styling your jewellery, just like styling your clothes, makeup, and hair, is all about expressing your true self and creating a look that reflects how you feel - or want to feel - each day. Symbolising continuous movement, the ability to change, and the ever-evolving wavelength of your style, emotions, and personality; our wave pieces invite you to express your inner truth through your style.