The History and Symbolism of London Blue Topaz

London Blue topaz is one of the most sought-after gems for 2024. Adding a pop of colour to your collection is always on-trend, and the deep blue hues of London Blue topaz make it one of the must-have stones of the moment, alongside emerald.  

Far more than just a trend, though, our natural blue topaz jewellery is designed for timeless style. Read on to discover the history and symbolism of London Blue topaz jewellery, then add a new piece to elevate your collection now and to treasure for years to come.  

Where Does London Blue Topaz Come From?

Despite its name, London Blue topaz *doesn’t* originate from England. Topaz gemstones actually form in a wide range of colours, including white, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Trace elements that naturally occur in the stones give topaz its colour, and natural stones are often heat-treated to intensify their hue.  

The blue varieties are among the most popular, and they’re known as Swiss Blue (bright, sky-blue topaz) or London Blue (the deeper, stormy blue hue). Topaz is found in several places around the world, including North America, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Australia; though the majority of gem-quality topaz comes from Brazil.   

The History of Blue Topaz Jewellery

Topaz has a long history, although for centuries people were using the name ‘topaz’ to refer to any yellow-toned gemstones (including quartz, beryl, and olivine), not realising they were all different gems. It was only in the 18th Century that the name topaz was correctly given to the gemstone variety we know today, with all of its different colours. Topaz was prized in Ancient Sri Lanka, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. In the Middle Ages in Europe, wearing a topaz gem was thought to protect against curses, as well as sickness and fever.  

It's not entirely certain where the name topaz came from. One idea is that it derived from the Ancient Greek island, Topazios. Topazios means “to seek” and this island was known as an abundant source of certain, yellow-green gems; though we now know these were not likely topaz, but olivine. Another possibility is that the name derived from the Ancient Sanskrit word “tapas” which means “heat” or “fire”. Appropriate for the yellow, orange, and red varieties of topaz, right?  

What is the Meaning of Blue Topaz Jewellery? 

Blue topaz is often associated with tranquillity, communication, and emotional balance. Its cool blue hue is thought to have a calming effect, making it a popular choice for those seeking serenity and peace. The gemstone is also believed by some to enhance your ability to express thoughts and feelings, fostering clear communication. 

Blue topaz is the birthstone for December and the Sagittarius zodiac sign, and when worn to reflect your birth month it’s though to represent love, clarity, and authenticity. While the sky blue topaz is usually associated as the December birthstone, you can also wear the deep London Blue topaz in personalised jewellery styles to celebrate what makes you unique. 

Can Anyone Wear Blue Topaz Jewellery? 

Absolutely, blue topaz jewellery can be worn by anyone who appreciates its symbolism, or simply its beauty. With a spectrum of blue shades available, from vivid light blue to deep ocean blue, you can find the perfect gemstone piece to suit you and your personal style. Wear a touch of blue topaz to introduce colour to your look, such as in a fine helix earring; or inject more vibrance with a blue topaz tennis bracelet or statement ring. 

How to Style Blue Topaz Jewellery:

1. Minimalist vibes 

Keep it simple and let your subtle touch of colour speak volumes by wearing a single blue topaz piece. Style our micro blue topaz solitaire ring alone for the ultimate refined look, or for a little more statement, our blue topaz baguette pinky ring. 

2. Eclectic ear stack 

For those with two or more ear piercings, your curated ear stack is the perfect place to play with new styles and pops of colour. Complete your ear party with one of our single blue topaz helix earrings, or add interest to your stack with our blue topaz ear charms (also perfect for creating a stacked look if you have a single piercing). 

3. Pair with diamonds 

The deep shade of London Blue topaz is the perfect complement to the radiance of diamonds. Add a blue topaz earring to a diamond ear stack, or layer our blue topaz tennis bracelet with a classic diamond tennis bracelet.

4. Mix colours (and metals) 

Once you’re confident working colour into your jewellery stacks, experiment with mixing up multiple colours. Pair blue topaz jewellery with pearls, emeralds, or opals; and for a truly unique take, mix your metal settings too. 

Add a touch of trending colour to your collection, with timeless London Blue topaz jewellery styles. Shop our collection of blue topaz jewellery online.