The Art of Mixing Silver and Gold Jewellery: A Style Guide

Two metals, both alike in dignity. But just like the Montagues and the Capulets, there’s always been a rivalry of sorts pitting silver jewellery against gold. OK, maybe a precious metal preference isn’t *quite* as dramatic as Shakespeare; nonetheless, fashion tradition would have it that silver and gold belong in two different worlds that never should cross.   
Well, just as Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be kept apart, we’re here to make the case that silver and gold are perfect together. Forget what you’ve heard about choosing one or the other: not only is there room for both metals in your jewellery collection, you can also wear them at the same time.   
In this blog we’ll explore the art of wearing mixed metal jewellery, and how to style gold and silver jewellery together for a unique yet chic look. 

What’s better: silver or gold jewellery?  

While there are many opinions expressing that one is better than the other, gold and silver jewellery are both beautiful choices. Silver and gold are both precious metals, though gold is more highly valued and comes at a higher price point than silver. If investing in solid gold isn’t for you, the option of gold-plated jewellery allows you to wear beautiful pieces with a real gold hue, for less than the price of solid gold; this option is especially great for larger statement jewellery.  
Gold is usually the preference for classic, heirloom-style pieces you’ll tend to wear forever, and special pieces such as engagement rings, because of its durability. However both gold and silver age beautifully. Regular polishing and cleaning of your gold and silver jewellery, and regular wear of your silver, will keep your pieces shining. Both can develop a unique patina over time, which is natural and gives your pieces a lived-in, antique feel.   
If you’re opting for silver jewellery, we recommend sticking to 925 sterling silver, which is the standard for quality fine jewellery. Made with 92.5% pure silver, this is also a great choice for sensitive skin. For solid gold, 10kt offers a perfect blend of beauty, durability, and affordability.  
When it comes down to it, it’s purely your personal choice whether silver or gold is better. But, as we’re about to discuss, there’s no need to settle for one or the other!  

Can you wear mixed metals?

The answer is a resounding yes. The once-rigid fashion rule of never mixing metals has given way to a more experimental and creative approach. Mixing metals like silver and yellow, white and rose gold can add depth, dimension, and individuality to your look; especially when done thoughtfully and in a way that respects your personal taste. Whether you opt for a mixed-metal piece such as silver and gold earrings, or create your own look with layered silver and gold necklaces, mixing metals can give you a playful, unexpected, yet sophisticated look.   

Do silver and gold jewellery go together?

Silver and gold jewellery present a striking contrast that makes them look great together and which can elevate your entire look. The cool tone and reflective brightness of sterling silver is the perfect counterpoint to the warmer, lustrous tone of yellow gold. Think of it like pairing smoky matte eye makeup with a glossy lip, or white linen with a Euro Summer tan: each complements by offsetting the other.  
Wearing these precious metals together can bring out their unique beauty through juxtaposition, particularly when they are layered – for instance, wearing a gold and a silver ring stacked one on top of another.  By wearing mixed metals in a way that’s considered and balanced, you can create a striking and stand-out look that can even provide the focal point of your outfit.   

Is it a bad idea to mix silver and gold jewellery?
Is mixing metals in style?

It’s not only acceptable and safe to wear gold and silver jewellery together, mixed metals is coming into its own as an enduring trend and a style choice for those with the best and most daring eye for fashion. Just as you won’t lose style points anymore if your handbag/belt/shoes aren’t matching, wearing mixed metals speaks to your individuality and your style nous, showing that you are able to ignore the rules and create an authentic look that’s an expression of you.  
It's also fine to wear silver and gold jewellery next to each other. While 925 sterling silver is slightly softer than 10kt gold, you don’t have to worry about your gold piece wearing against your silver unless you wear them stacked right next to each other, day after day, for quite a while.

It does mean your gold jewellery can put up with a little more wear and tear than your silver – but we always recommend a ‘last on, first off’ approach to your fine jewellery each day, to keep your precious pieces safely looking their best. If you’re introducing a new metal to your collection, brush up on the care tips for 10k gold and sterling silver , as their needs are slightly different.   

How to wear mixed metal jewellery

Layering silver and gold jewellery is all about experimenting and having fun with unique possibilities for your look. If you’re unsure where to start, discover out top tips for styling gold and silver jewellery together:

1. Balance is key
To ensure your mixed metal look is deliberate and chic, make sure you balance your metal proportions. For instance, layer one each of gold and silver necklaces , or opt for a jewellery piece that mixes gold and silver for you. If you want to go all out, try stacking your fingers with an eclectic mix of gold and silver rings, or pile on gold and silver bracelets for a playful statement.

2. Mix your textures  
Play on your unique styling choice by pairing gold and silver jewellery in a range of textures. Try a chunky gold paperclip chain layered over a bold, sterling silver snake chain; or pair a sleek gold dome hoop earring with a textured huggie or chain earring in silver. 

3. Keep your finish consistent
While mixing metal colours and jewellery textures is a great way to have fun with your style, ensure you wear pieces in the same finish to keep your look cohesive and sophisticated. High-shine sterling silver looks best with polished gold.  
4. When in doubt, add diamonds  
A consistent motif throughout your jewellery pieces can make mixed metals feel more subtle and considered. The perfect addition? Diamonds , of course. Pair some gold and silver huggies studded with diamonds and add a mixed metal ear cuff pairing on top; or stack two laboratory-grown diamond solitaire rings with contrasting stone shapes.

Jewellery is a deeply personal expression of your innate style, so forget the old-fashioned rules and curate a playful, unique look that speaks to you. If you love both silver and gold, there’s no need to play favourites anymore; mix your metals, layer your gold and silver jewellery together, and create an individual look that elevates your outfit – and your mood – each day.