Pinky Rings: What they Mean and Why You Need One

Wearing a ring on the little finger has resurfaced as a trend of late, spotted on the pinky’s of various Hollywood elite.

If you’re looking to extend your ring stack to every digit – or you just want to style something that’s a little unexpected – let us introduce you to the pinky ring. We’ve recently added our very own pinky rings to help you nail the look for yourself.

Keep scrolling for the need to know on all things pinky rings and why you need one in your jewellery collection (hint: your ring stacks are about to get 100x cooler).

The history (and meaning) of pinky rings

The style that has traditionally been worn on the little finger is the signet ring. Signet rings themselves have a deep history, originating as far back as Ancient Egypt. These rings were deeply personal, and also carried a very significant purpose; acting as a stamp of authenticity, or signature (hence the name).
What is a signet ring?
Signet rings were etched with meaningful symbols, family crests, or personal markers and used for centuries to identify people (mainly rulers, noble families, religious authorities, and so on) and to sign important documents by using the etched signet ring to stamp wax or clay seals. Signet rings were once such a personal item that they were unique to the individual who wore them, and they would even be destroyed once the owner died to prevent any possible forgery.

The European royal tradition of wearing signet rings on the pinky finger continues to this day, with King Charles III known to wear one continuously.

So, what is the meaning of pinky rings now?
In modern times, the pinky ring is not just reserved for nobility or for official purposes. Pinky rings are worn by celebrities, fictional characters, and everyday fashion lovers alike. Fans of The Sopranos will be familiar with Tony’s ubiquitous gold and ruby pinky ring; while the accessory has also appeared in the likes of Mad Men, The Godfather, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to name a few. In the real world, pinky rings have been favoured by everyone from Henry Cavill, Diddy, Bruno Mars, and Anderson Paak; to Ringo Starr, Frank Sinatra, and Oscar Wilde.

Now, we’re sure you are sensing a theme here. And yes, traditionally, pinky rings and gold signet rings in general have been considered a men’s accessory. That’s not to say you can’t take inspiration from the aforementioned stylish dudes (gendered trends are a thing of the past, let’s be real) – but if you need a little further convincing of its fashion credentials, the pinky ring has also been rocked by some stylish women, including Meghan Markle, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the ultimate trend-setter: Princess Di.

Nowadays, the pinky ring can be worn as a unique, minimalist style choice on its own, to anchor your ring stack, or as a personalised touch with an engraved pinky signet ring that harks back to the traditional meaning of this style.

Tips for buying a pinky ring

When choosing a ring for your little finger, you might think you need to tend delicate in your style. However, our tip for choosing a pinky ring is to go the opposite way with a bold style. A statement pinky ring will draw attention to your unique style choice, and give a nod to the traditional pinky signet ring which was typically quite large in size.

To find a ring that will fit your pinky, simply measure the diameter or circumference of your finger and then compare it against our size chart to find your fit. We’ve recently introduced new, smaller sizes for a couple of our most popular ring designs, so they’re perfect to wear as pinky rings.

How to style a pinky ring

1. Wear it alone: this will give minimalist vibes, but with an unexpected twist compared to an index or middle finger ring. With our bold pinky rings at Medley, you can still make a statement while keeping your look refined.

2. Personalise with an engraving: give a chic nod to the traditional pinky signet ring, by adding an engraving. Our engravable hexagon gold signet initial pinky ring is the perfect piece.

3. Add to your ring stack: paired with one or two other rings, or a whole handful, a ring on your little finger will balance out and anchor your stack.

4. Mix your metals: bring an even more unexpected edge to your look, by working a pinky ring into a mixed-metal ring stack.

Ready to try this timeless trend for yourself? Add a 925 sterling silver or gold pinky ring to your collection from our new season jewellery.