Personalised Jewellery Gifts: Our 6 Picks For Xmas

Need a little inspo to find the perfect Christmas gifts? Jewellery always makes for a treasured keepsake, as it’s something your bestie, partner, or Mum can wear close every day. To give your gift an even more meaningful touch, consider personalised jewellery: something chosen to reflect a unique aspect of them. Discover our personalised jewellery favourites at Medley this season, with our Christmas Gift Guide. Whether shopping by jewellery type or by your gift recipient’s personal style, we have you covered with gift ideas they’ll definitely love. 

Gifts for Everyone

We’ve established that personalised jewellery makes for the ultimate thoughtful, lasting Christmas gift. But how to decide which personalised style will best fit their jewellery wardrobe? Discover our guide to the best personalised jewellery to suit your recipient’s style and taste. 

The Curated Ear Lover

Cherished Charms:

Looking for a stocking filler or a gift for the stacked earring curator? Engravable earring charms are the perfect little gift that keeps on giving! Our earring charms at Medley are designed to be easily layered with other earrings, allowing the recipient to create a unique and personalised ear stack. They even fit onto a range of our chain necklace and bracelet clasps – so whoever you gift one of these charms to, they’ll have versatility to change up their personalised jewellery look from day to day. 

Classic Elegance

Personalised Pendants: 

Our collection of engravable jewellery is a celebration of meaningful moments etched in precious metals. From modern pinky rings to pendants and bracelets, each piece serves as a canvas to celebrate what makes your loved one unique. The perfect gift for Mum, gift for your daughter, or for your partner or best friend, personalise our engravable styles with a meaningful name, nickname, or initials, for a sentimental piece they’ll love.The best part is, we offer complimentary engraving at Medley – just choose your favourite engravable style and request a meaningful message.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to the classic styler, a personalised pendant is a great choice. Pendants are easy to wear on a daily basis. They can be layered with other necklaces or worn alone as a statement piece, making them a versatile accessory that can seamlessly fit into your recipient's everyday style. 

Understated Glam

Dainty Diamond Letters:

For those seeking a touch of sparkle and a lot of style, our diamond letter jewellery is a no brainer when it comes to gift giving. Elevate a curated ear stack with our single diamond letter earrings or make a subtle statement with our best-selling micro diamond letter necklaces. Each piece is crafted to infuse a personalised radiance into their everyday look. A timeless symbol of self-expression and identity, our luxe diamond letters will suit every recipient’s style – whether gifting your Mum or your bestie.

Gift a diamond initial this Christmas. Available in 10k yellow gold or 925 sterling silver paved with natural diamonds, our micro letter necklaces and studs give the perfect subtle touch of sparkle for the luxury lover in your life (AKA, everyone you know). Combining personalisation and timeless elegance, you’ll also get extra points for something as undeniably special as diamonds. Perfect for partner or bestie-level gifting, these pieces feel super special while being perfectly wearable for every day.

Timeless Romantic

Lovable Lockets 

Let your loved one wear cherished memories and their favourite people (or pets) close to their heart, with our personalised locket necklaces. Our lockets come with a complimentary image printing service, making it simple to create a thoughtful, personalised gift which is perfect for your partner, sister, or best friend. Many of our locket necklaces can also be personalised with an engraving, creating a truly sentimental and meaningful gift that’s sure to become one of their favourite keepsakes. 

Lockets are one of those ubiquitous jewellery pieces. Having been popular for centuries, most people will add a locket necklace to their jewellery collection at some point; whether you buy it for yourself or receive it as a gift for a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or another special occasion; so this Christmas is the perfect time to gift one to someone special. We are firm believers that jewellery – especially the most sentimental and meaningful kinds – are made to be worn, so our modern locket necklaces create the perfect, subtle keepsake that they can wear close to their heart everyday – no matter your recipient’s personal style.  

The Minimalist 

Sentimental Signets 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life, personalised signet rings are a classic choice when it comes to engraved jewellery. Signet rings have a rich history dating back centuries. They have been used to signify family crests, personal seals, and affiliations. Gifting an engraved signet ring carries a sense of tradition and timelessness – while our range at Medley are also contemporary and perfect for even the trendiest gift recipient. Choose from 18k fine gold plating or 925 sterling silver. 

Everyday Luxury

Heartfelt Hearts 

Unsure how to choose the right personalised jewellery piece for your loved one? Give a gift that’s just as meaningful, with a symbolic style that makes it perfectly clear how you feel. Our petite heart necklaces and stud earrings offer a modern, very wearable take on a classic symbol of love. Choose from understated styles in gold or silver, or make it a little more luxe with our micro diamond pavé hearts. 

Nothing says refined, timeless elegance quite like classic 10k gold. Our micro heart designs are perfect for everyday wear, and while they’re sentimental, they are subtle and versatile enough to make a safe bet for gifting. The classic silhouette and minimalist luxury of these understated gold pieces will suit your Mum, your daughter, your partner, sister, or bestie – whether they prefer a chic ‘one piece at a time approach’ or prefer to add these to their statement jewellery layers.  

Personalised jewellery favourites from Medley go beyond being mere accessories; they are tokens of love, gratitude, and celebration. Whether you're expressing affection for your partner, best friend, or family member, honouring a special milestone, or creating a memory-filled Christmas gift for a loved one, our personalised jewellery styles are sure to become treasured keepsakes. Explore engravable jewellery, diamond letter jewellery, photo lockets, and meaningful heart pendants from Medley, for a considered and sentimental gift that will show your loved one how much care you’ve put into choosing their gift.