Pairing Cocktails and Jewellery for the Party Season With Melbourne Martini

Launched this November, we’ve opened our first ever Medley pop-up store in Melbourne’s fashion capital, Chadstone.  

In celebration, we are thrilled to partner with local legends, Melbourne Martini, who are providing their special brand of bar quality, premium, indulgent cocktails for our official store launch event. 

A Moment With Melbourne Martini

We spoke to Melbourne Martini Brand Manager, Anna Chan all about the brand and her top picks to sip this summer. And, since the party season is upon us, we’ve put together the best jewellery from our Medley Summer ’24 Collection to pair with your favourite cocktails this season.  

1. In a nutshell, what’s the Melbourne Martini brand all about? 

Melbourne Martini was created to let consumers experience bartender-quality cocktails anywhere, anytime. We wanted to create a premium cocktail brand that was accessible to all consumers. There’s no trade-off, no buying an average drink just so you can take it on a picnic, camping, to a concert, to a BBQ… no matter what format you purchase premixed cocktails for, our cocktails deliver on high quality taste every time.

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality, indulgent cocktail experience without all the hassle of making it yourself.

2. How do your cocktails compare to the ones we’d sip at our favourite bar? 

Honestly, they taste like a bar-quality cocktail! We make many of our ingredients - such as gin, vodka, cold drip coffee in-house and put a lot of care into tasting each batch to ensure it tastes great every single time. 

3. Which cocktail is your signature? (And what makes it special?) 

Melbourne Martini's signature cocktail would have to be our iconic Espresso Martini- it was the first flavour we launched with! Dylan, the founder of Melbourne Martini spent his time working in cafes and has a very strong love for coffee. He has perfected the coffee blend and ratio to ensure there is a beautiful coffee flavour topped off with a strong crema each time. 

4. At Medley we’re all about using the best materials for our jewellery. What’s the Melbourne Martini approach to choosing ingredients for your products? 

We have an amazing production facility and try and make as much of our ingredients in-house as we can, as mentioned we distil our own gin and vodka, and cold drip our coffee. For other ingredients that we add to our cocktails, we always focus on partnering with organic and local

5. Name your top cocktail for each of these occasions: 

  • Summer afternoon with the girls - Tommy Tequila 
  • A Friday night sip when you’re vibing something creative - Amaretto Sour! 
  • Christmas party – Negroni

6. What’s your favourite piece from Medley’s new Summer ’24 collection?  

This is a tough one! So many beautiful pieces that would be perfect for the gifting season, personally I love the rings! The Wave Dome ring and Blue Topaz Baguette rings are beautiful - on the wishlist they go.  

Match Made in Heaven

Inspired by Melbourne Martini’s top cocktails for the summer season, and their iconic Espresso Martini, we’ve put together our jewellery picks to match to your drink of choice (because let’s be real, matching your jewellery to your cocktail is an absolute vibe). 


Tommy Marg + Emerald Tennis Bracelet

Melbourne Martini’s Tommy Margarita is just the tipple to put you into fiesta mode – much like a pop of colour in your jewellery! Play up the zesty lime of this summertime fave with the vibrant hues of natural emerald. Just like a Tommy Marg, this unique tennis bracelet is a fresh twist on a classic. 


Amaretto Sour + Gold Drop Dome Chain 

You know what pairs perfectly with golden hour? A creative sip (and more gold, of course). The ideal cocktail for rooftop sunsets and balmy evenings, the golden-orange Amaretto Sour is the perfect partner to our super bold, chunky gold necklace. 


Negroni + Diamond Fine Wave Ring 

Refined, sophisticated, and unique: all traits shared by the classic Negroni and our new diamond wave stacker ring. Understated and timeless, with just the right amount of sparkle, this fine diamond ring and aperitivo of choice will be your MVPs all season long.


Espresso Martini + White Topaz Wave Bangle 

The espresso martini girlies are here to have a good time, and we all know it. So when it’s inevitable that you’ll be hitting the dancefloor, bring along a bold accessory to match your vibe. Our new white topaz wave dome bangle makes an eye-catching statement – your perfect partner for the party season (along with that martini).