Natasha Oakley's Favourite Jewellery Trends

Tash Oakley is the very definition of a boss. As an entrepreneur, model, influencer, and advocate for wellness and body positivity, Tash has founded her empire on pursuing her passion. A true Aussie beach babe by nature, she also presents an alternative, inspirational and holistic vision of what success can (and should) look like, with her focus on promoting self-love for all women and leading a balanced life. 

It goes without saying, we’re obsessed. So, we jumped at the opportunity to ask Tash about all things jewellery– including her must-have pieces, favourite jewellery trends, and how style plays a part in feeling like her best self every day.

“I always look for beautiful, classic and timeless pieces. My jewellery pieces are such a special piece of my wardrobe and everyday life.”

1. How would you describe your day-to-day, go-to jewellery style?
I would say my day-to-day jewellery style is classic, dainty pieces. I love timeless pieces that I know I can style into any outfit and that I will have forever. 

2. How about for night-time and special events?
For a night out or any special events, depending on the outfit I try to style accordingly. Sometimes if I’m wearing a statement outfit, I will go with something a little simpler for jewellery but if my outfit is minimal, I might mix it up and put on something that makes a bit more of a statement.

3. You're based between LA and Sydney. Do you chnage up your style depending on where you are?
Absolutely. I have always based my outfits on whatever city I’m in at that time! If I’m in Sydney, my outfits are a little more feminine (summer dresses, dainty jewellery, etc.), whereas if I’m in LA I tend to go with more of a cool casual look and might throw in some chunky jewellery to go with that LA vibe.  

4. What are your favourite jewellery trends at the moment?
I really love stacking at the moment! Rings and bracelets are probably my favourite thing to stack right now. 

5. Do you like to wear any personalised jewellery?
I own a few pieces that are personalised with my initials on them or, because I’m away from my best friend and business partner, Devin, I have a necklace with her fingerprint on it that I wear. 

6. What do you look for when choosing a new piece of jewellery?
I always look for beautiful, classic and timeless pieces. My jewellery pieces are such a special piece of my wardrobe and everyday life so I try to choose pieces that I know I’m going to have with me forever and I can pass onto my children.

7. As an entrepreneur, influencer, and inspiration to so many women around the world, your days must be ever-changing! How is what you wear important to helping you feel ready to take on the day?
My days are certainly ever-changing, and no day is the same! Obviously, the circumstances are a little different right now and I’m not travelling the world like I usually am where my outfits would depend on my location. But I always get up in the morning and put on a cute outfit and make myself feel presentable so I’m ready to take on the day! 

8. What do body postivity and self-love mean to you?
Body positivity and self-love to me means being proud of who you are and loving the skin you’re in. I always say that your body carries you through your entire life. You only have one so you should love, nurture and be grateful for everything it does for you.

9. This or that:

Bold jewellery or fine jewellery? Fine

Plain metal or diamonds? Diamonds

Gold or Silver? Gold

Single necklace or layered? Single

One pair of earrings or multiple? One pair

Hoops or studs? Hoops

Just one or two rings, or all stacked up? Depends on the occasion!

Chain bracelets or solid bangles? Chain bracelet

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