Nail Art Designs: Subtle, Statement or a Special Occasion

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Painting your nails has transformed into an artistry all its own. From effortless neutral patterns to hand drawn shapes in bright, colourful patterns. We’re sure your explore feeds have homed a nail inspo image that has left you itching to head to a manicurist. Feeling ready to swap your transparent coat for something a little more fun? We’re here to help.

If your Pinterest boards and Instagram saves are spilling with endless inspo nail art, then you’re no stranger to the choice of what look to choose next. As well as the factors you need to consider when you finally make that manicurist appointment. What look will you be prepared to look at daily until you change it up? What will compliment your wardrobe? And of course, what is going to go best with your jewellery? We want to help you pick the look you’re craving, a tip or two on how to style it and who to add to your Instagram feed for the ultimate nail art inspo.

Nail art you can wear to work:  

When deciding on a nail art idea that feels work appropriate as well as Instagram worthy, we’ve got a few ideas. You can still keep it exciting while maintaining a look that will nail versatility. Keep the colours neutral and opt for a simple pattern across those nails. Emailing is more fun with a party on your nails.

1. A subtle tip?

Black tips will add a subtle pop to your every day look. Prudence Richardson's chosen nail art adds an edge to her linen look. She compliments her black tips with a ring stack and a bracelet stack. Shop our Polished Plain Bangle in Gold, Cable Knit Bracelet in Gold and Pointed Edge Open Ring in Gold.

Nail art that makes a statement: 

You’re taking the plunge. You want something that’s going to have your barista doing a double take at your nails as they hand you your cappuccino. We love seeing nail art inspo that makes a statement, the artistry behind nail art is seriously impressive. From gold foil looks to multicoloured patterns. Or painting each nail a different, bright colour. What’s your dream statement nail art look? Here are two of our top faves. 

1. A golden moment:

This golden look by Betina Goldstein is high on the list of goals. At Medley we are massive supporters of wearing as much gold jewellery as you want to. So, why not apply this ideal to your nails? Gives dripping in gold a whole new edge. 

2. Individualise each nail:

Embrace as many colours as you can, let each nail have their very own pattern and colour scheme. If you can't choose just one colour, incorporate as many as you can. Vivian Wong decorated her hand brightly with fun patterns on each nail. She complimented her nail art with our Diamond Open Stacker Ring in 10k Gold, Slim Boyfriend Stacker Ring in Gold and Rope Stacker Ring in 10k Gold.  

Nail art for an occasion:
Is it your birthday? Baby shower coming up? Or already planning ahead for your next Valentine’s Day? Consider embracing a themed nail aesthetic next time to match the occasion. Think love hearts, or an intricately designed pattern. What would you choose? Here are a few faves to get the ideas flowing. 

1. Painted with love
The perfect look for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or even to show yourself a little self-love. Imarni Nails adds a twist to the classic love heart by painting them green with a statement pink nail.  Taking inspiration from this look use thin stacker rings to compliment your nails.

2. Happy birthday to you... 

Celebrating turning a year older absolutely warrants some new nail art. Choose a hue that will stand out next to white like what Vivian Wong has created. Maybe choose a colour that will match your outfit if you're feeling a little extra.  She incorporated our rings into this look. Shop the Diamond Double Stacker Ring in 10k Gold, Curve Dome Ring in Gold and Slim Curve Dome Ring in Gold.


Nail artists to watch and follow: 

Want a daily dose of nail inspiration incorporated into your feed? These nail artists provide the goods.

Betina Goldstein @betina_goldstein:
Betina Goldstein seriously knows her way around a nail paint brush. Scroll through her feed for some nail envy you’ll stare at trying to understand “how does she do it?”. Posting her handy work from her own nails, campaigns to the nails of celeb Zoë Kravitz and more. 

Vivian Wong @vwnails_: 
Endless nail inspo by Vivian Wong. Among her effortless ring stacks and expert nail art, Vivian adds in beach landscapes that will have you craving your next weekend away. We recommend you have your saved function ready.

Imarni Nails @imarninails

Imarni provides scrollable nail art content that will have you swept up for hours trying to pinpoint which one you'll want to recreate. See celeb faces dotted across her gram, Paloma Faith being a frequent visitor of her nail talents. 

Nail Therapy Co

When exploring Nail Therapy Co's feed you will rarely see the same vibe twice. From standout to minimalist, you'll find a nail look here that will suit any occasion in the calendar or your next everyday look. 

Feeling ready to choose your next look?

We hope this helped you feel ready to make some choices the next time you’re at the nail salon. Whether you make a statement or choose a subtle pattern – have some fun with those nails! If you need some ring inspo to build a stack to match, head to our rings section and get stacking.