Meet The Multi Layered Necklace Connector

Are you a necklace layering enthusiast? Are you often reaching for a second or third necklace to complete that multi layered necklace look? We get you. At Medley we love any opportunity to layer our necklaces to add the finishing touch to every outfit. However, we know some mornings are busier than others and you might not have that extra 5 minutes to nail your layered look.

Meet our Multi Layered Necklace Connector, the product that just made styling your next necklace stack a whole lot easier. Whether you’re a silver or gold fanatic, our connector comes in both hues. This time efficient connector is the answer to knotted chains becoming a mess around your neck by the end of the day. Untangled chains, evenly spaced necklaces and easily removable. Yes Please. Want to learn a bit more about it?

How it works

Here’s our step-by-step guide to using the handiest little gadget that you didn’t know you needed.

Step One: Head to your jewellery box and choose up to three necklaces you’re feeling ready to layer. We recommend choosing pieces that have different lengths and textures to really add dimension to your jewellery look. For example, you could use a dainty locket necklace or a more chunky chain necklace.  

Step Two: Grab your Multi Layered Necklace Connector! Undo each of your necklaces and attach the clasps on one side and the o-rings on the other. Placing each necklace to the ring in the positioning of how you will want them to fall.  

Step Three: Pull apart the magnetic connector and place it around your neck, securing the magnet connector with ease.

Step Four: At the end of the day, take off your stack the same way you put it on. Place your expertly curated layered look on a flat surface to keep it tangle free and ready for you to put back on the next morning - if you’re feeling ready for another round.

How to style it

So, you know how to use it, let’s talk styling. Regardless of necklace stack styling preference, our Multi Layered Necklace Connector is sure to be on heavy rotation in your day to day.

Mixing Chain Lengths and Textures:

When you mix texture and chain lengths in your necklace stack you can create so many different looks.

Heavy Rope Chain Necklace in Gold
| Diamond Mini Engravable Disc Necklace in 10k Gold | Diamond Engravable Bar Necklace in 10k GoldMulti Layered Necklace Connector in Gold 

Delicate Chains:

If you prefer layering delicate chains, you may have a gotten a little tangled up a few times. Connect your thin chains and live your best, tangle free, life. 

Diamond Mini Engravable Disc Necklace in Silver
| Diamond Engravable Bar Necklace in Silver | Diamond Engravable Disc Necklace in Silver | Multi Layered Necklace Connector in Silver

Why we love it

We’re all about finding ways of making life easier, well, who isn’t? With endless to-do lists why not find a way to save ourselves a little extra time in the morning? Time to spend on that extra cup of coffee or a few more minutes of beauty sleep.

This is part of why we love our Multi Layered Necklace Connector. It gives you those extra moments back without having to sacrifice the perfect necklace stack.

Our connector keeps all your necklaces in place, removing the desire to fiddle and adjust them all day long. Simply choose, attach, connect.

Bonus tip 

Do you love to travel? Travel for work? This is a great packing essential for those trips that you’ll be constantly on the go. It won’t take up much space at all and simply leave your necklace stack connected, so you can easily put it back on and spend the day completely dedicated to enjoying your time away. 

This gadget is what necklace stacking dreams are made of. Explore them below: