Meet our Jewellery Stylist – Rachael Armstrong

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She is the face behind the stacks, the body behind those perfectly manicured hands – meet our regular Medley jewellery stylist – Rachael Armstrong. She is effortlessly stylish and has seriously mastered the art of the perfect selfie. Rachael’s creative content embraces that crisp aesthetic that helps our Instagram to always look its best.

Her eye for the ultimate flatlays, selfies and on body shots forever have us in awe of her talents. She carries her creative flair into multiple facets of her life. From outfits to content creation, all the way through to her stunningly designed home. We wanted to take an opportunity to get to know her a little better. Ready?

 1. What lead you to your career in styling and content creation? Was it always something you wanted to do?
    It was always something I aspired to but never thought it would actually be my career! I had always worked in marketing for shopping centres so social media, fashion shoots and branding was always part of my role.

    I resigned in the height of the pandemic and started doing freelance social media management. This quickly evolved into styling, photoshoot management and content creation. I feel very lucky!

    2. How would you describe your personal style? What would be your go-to look if you could only choose one.
    Modern, sophisticated and statement. That’s so hard! But I would probably say a colourful tailored suit of some description.
    Rachael's Instagram:
    Rachael’s expertly curated Instagram features crisp white backgrounds, drool worthy destinations, beautifully styled outfits and captured moments that give you a glimpse into her daily life.

    Embracing colour, fun patterns, snapshots of her home, family, friends, and a very photogenic pooch. Her Instagram contains the most aesthetically pleasing content, making it oh-so-easy to get lost in an endless scroll. Want some tips? (Us too).

    3. For those of us striving to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed (like yourself) what one key piece of advice would you give?
    Decide on a look, feel and image standard and stick to it! Sometimes a photo doesn’t work out the way you imagined, so don’t post if it doesn’t fall within your ‘personal brand’. Quality over quantity!

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    4. Do you have any Instagram accounts that you draw inspiration from when styling your home?
    Not many in particular that would reflect our overall style, but I love picking bits and pieces from different influencers who aren’t necessarily interior designers. After consulting my Instagram saved folders, a few that stand out would be Kelly Wearstler, Heidi Middleton, Lucy Montgomery, Hayley Bonham and Holly Titheridge.
    I’m currently styling a new holiday home which will obviously be a totally different vibe to our home, stay tuned!

    Who else is going to be at the ready, refreshing their feeds to see Rachael’s holiday home!?

    Photo Source: Rachael Armstrong

    Rachael’s elevated style is clear throughout her entire home. Her unique design choices are as original as they are a total inspiration. Pairing industrial metal furniture, soft rugs (perfect for that pooch to curl up on), warm furniture, and artistic light fixtures – that add to an overall Pinterest worthy home. Rachael’s home features sleek wooden floors and finishing’s that perfectly compliment her interior design choices.

    The high ceilings are complimented with large pieces of artwork, white walls, light touches of greenery and sheer, light-coloured curtains that drape to the floor. Each area of Rachael’s home has a very clear aesthetic that is warm, neutral, and very Insta worthy. She styles her décor with clear intent, ringing true to her saying “quality over quantity.” We had to ask her how she does it! Get a notebook and pen ready.

    Photo Source: Rachael Armstrong
    5. You have such great taste in interiors! What do you look for when choosing pieces for your home?
    Thank you! My husband and I stick to a relatively neutral aesthetic when it comes to investment pieces and we tap into trends & hints of colour for smaller styling elements. There are a few statement pieces by Timothy Oulton which are very masculine and I love this point of difference in our home.

    Photo Source: Rachael Armstrong

    6. You recently styled a mixed metals look for us and it was amazing! Any tips for those taking on a style of both silver and gold?
    The key to styling mixed metals is keeping it balanced. The fine jewellery that I wear everyday is all platinum, so I subtly introduce gold by adding a gold ring and bracelet. Once I’ve blended it in with my staple jewellery I feel like I can add whichever metals I like to ears and neck!

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    It was our pleasure getting to know Rachael a little better. From the whole team at Medley we thank her for giving us this opportunity to see snapshots of her home and for allowing us insight into the life and mind of a content creator.

    You will continue to see her manicured nails and expertly styled jewellery content all over our feed. Show her some love and follow her @rk__