Introducing Autumn '23

Love Knows No Bounds

Everyone who loves, and has loved, knows that when it comes to the real thing,
traditional concepts, rules, and boundaries have no place. They also understand
that true love doesn’t fit into the clichéd representations, and that one type of love
doesn’t suit every individual: it’s so much bigger (and more interesting) than that.

All love is unique, and all love should be celebrated – fromself-love, friendship to romantic
connections, and whatever that looks like for you. And that’s exactly what our
Medley Autumn ’23 campaign is about: Love Knows No Bounds.
Here’s to your ride-or-dies: whoever they are.

The Vision

Love transcends every trivial boundary, division or separation that keeps us apart. It
binds us, it unites us. It goes beyond the traditional concepts and roles of man and
woman, it goes beyond mere romance. The limit of love is open to interpretation,
and we’re celebrating love in all its forms through our new campaign.
With the Autumn season overlapping Valentine’s Day, it’s a timely reminder that
there is no ‘right’ love, that there is not one single type of love that deserves to be
Whoever you love and however you love, it’s an amazing thing.

The Campaign

For our Autumn ’23 campaign, ‘Love Knows No Bounds’, the perfect destination was
Paris. The quintessential city of love, Paris is also associated with revolution in the
name of liberty. What better meeting ground for a celebration of love and
Our campaign was shot on the iconic Pont Alexandre III bridge, spanning the Seine
and connecting the Champs-Élysée on one side to the Eiffel Tower quarter on the

Known as the most ornate bridge in Paris, with its golden winged horses, Art Noveau
lamps, and decorative statues, it’s one of the city’s most instantly recognisable sites.
Our campaign photography plays on light and shadow, allowing our new-season
jewellery to come to the fore alongside its intricate backdrop.

It’s designed to be romantic yet strong; our muses tell a story of love, yet they also
shine bright as individuals. After all, when it comes to recognising and celebrating
love,self-loveis fundamental.

The muses for our Autumn ’23 campaign shoot, Pauline and Matteo, deliberately
blur the lines of a traditional relationship; are they partners, friends, something else?

It hardly matters – they’re two people who share a connection, they’re together in
Paris, and their love is all that counts.

The Music

The Medley team are thrilled to introduce, for the first time, an original song as part
of our campaign. Medley partnered with the incredible singer, songwriter and
producer,Elodie Gervaise, to create a song inspired by the Autumn ’23 campaign.
An Australian/French artist who currently resides in Berlin, Elodie has performed and
created music in Australia and Europe, released a solo EP titled ‘Syzygy', and she’s
currently working on her debut album.

Elodie’s song 'Amour Libre' was written for Medley and captures the feeling of liberty and individuality within love, celebrating
different types of relationships and the possibility of multiple, meaningful
Elodie says, “the project [of creating this song for Medley] was nicely timed, having
recently moved to Berlin and experiencing couples existing in so many different
relationship styles; further realising that a monogamous way of loving doesn’t
necessarily work for everyone and that’s a beautiful thing. I drew on my own
experience of being in an open connection and the feeling of freedom and
expansiveness that gave me.


'Amour Libre' on Soundcloud

We’re predicting big things for this unique artist, and we’re so proud to have been
able to partner with her on our campaign song. Listen now!

The Jewellery

Whether you are looking for the perfect jewellery gift to celebrate someone (or
more than one person) you love for Valentine’s Day; or you want to celebrate
yourself and express your individuality through your style, explore our modern yet
timeless new-season jewellery.

For those who like it bold, our new paperclip chain styles – including wire
paperclips, square paperclips, and our ball drop paperclip necklace – will effortlessly
bring a statement edge to your collection. For even more of an impact, our chunky
ball bracelets, necklaces, and rings are designed to stand out.

Celebrate your uniqueness with our new range of earrings, ideal for mixing,
matching and stacking to create yourcurated ear.Discover our new, single
earring charms – from engravable styles to gemstone charms – and matching charm
huggies and hoops. Create an unexpected stack with your own mix of charms, plus
our new-insingle helix earringsandcuffs.

Explore the collection, find your new favourites, and style, stack, and layer them as you wish to create your perfect Autumn looks.

Medley Autumn ‘23

Photographer: @libbywillisphoto

Videographer: @aytanwho

Models: @pauline.houssinot&@matteo.baez

Stylist: @sarahbirchley

MUA: @larissefromparis


The Autumn 23 Playlist

Press play for our Parisian, moody, and jazzy playlist that will celebrate love.