Introducing Winter '21: Go Your Own Way

It’s all about embracing your individuality, showing your spirit through your style, and expressing your full self. This season, we’ve taken inspiration from the revolutionary and freedom-minded spirit of the 70's, and how this was celebrated (among so many other ways) through fashion. 

Can you dig it? 

The Vision

Socially, the 70's could be defined by upheaval. Civil rights, second-wave feminism and even anarchy took hold, and this demand for freedom was channelled exuberantly through style; self-expression was worn on the outside. It was a decade when punk, rock, and disco co-existed; and the zeitgeist was captured equally by HalstonVivienne WestwoodCalvin Klein and Ossie Clark.

In fashion, bright colours, bold prints, and clothes that showed the body or celebrated the body’s freedom to move went hand-in-hand with women’s liberation. Women were claiming space, and they showed up loud and proud in confident fashion statements and unmissable accessories. 

“I am woman, hear me roar” was channelled in the streets, the runways, and every part of life.

The Medley Winter ’21 Woman

“Those who have style can indeed accept or ignore fashion. For them fashion is not something to be followed, it is rather something to be set, to select from, or totally reject. Style is spontaneous, inborn.” (Vogue US, September 1976). 

Express yourself, feel free to be. The Medley woman we’re channelling this season is unafraid to be totally herself, and express it in the way she sees fit. No need to be told what’s trending, her style is innate, she has fun with it. 

Her clothes, her jewellery, the way she styles her hair – it’s for her alone, it’s her individuality on display. She goes her own way. 

The Jewellery

Live large and style large. Our new-season Medley jewellery falls into four 70's-inspired trends you’ll want to wear on repeat, and that will live on in your jewellery wardrobe for years to come. 

Gold and bold: the classic lustre of our conflict free 10ct gold and 18ct fine gold plated pieces are the perfect fit for the autumnal colour palette of the season. Feel free to be bold, and shine bright. 

Oversized hoops: inspired by disco style, upsize your earrings  as a reminder to never downsize your personality.

Layered necklaces and chokers: bold, multi-strand, multi-dimensional necklace layers were all the rage in the 70's. It’s the perfect way to curate a statement look to express your individual style.

Pendants: in the 70's it was all about huge, flashy, attention-grabbing pendants  which helped to channel the daring confidence of the time. We’ve taken this concept and given it a very 2021 update. 

The Campaign

We drew on the resurgence of the 70's spirit in fashion and design for the Medley Winter ’21 campaign. The bold lines and colourful aesthetics that capture the sense of freedom and self-expression were key, as well as representative textures such as colour blocking, knits, and curved lines. 

We also took major inspiration from some of our favourite furniture, ceramic, and homeware designers and curators, who are featured in this campaign - Sarah EllisonMarloe and Marloe, and Curated Spaces.  

Medley Winter ’21 – Go Your Own Way. 

This Season's Playlist

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