Introducing Summer '24: Wavelength


Enter a new Wavelength. A summer collection that serves as your unique invitation to totally free yourself and blur the lines.

As the heat of summertime invites a sense of freedom and a desire for self-discovery, our newest collection is all about having fun with your style, blurring the lines between fashion faux pas and chic finery, feeling the freedom to move between bold statements and introspective daintiness, wearing any and every piece that reflects and resonates with you.

You can be whoever you want to be, and that can change from one moment to the next. It’s all part of the same, ever-evolving Wavelength.

The Vision

The freedom to move is intrinsic to the human (and the animal) experience; whether we have the privilege to move between spaces and places, or whether it’s more of a spiritual movement - the liberty to be ever-evolving, experiencing inner growth, and expressing each side of ourselves.

Much like the changing seasons, our styles and personalities also evolve. From moment to moment, we can be a professional, a friend, a dreamer, and a lover. We each have a rich inner life and personality, vying to be expressed – however subtly – on the surface.

This campaign celebrates our complex beings as a wavelength in constant flux; where freedom, movement, and the ebb and flow of our sense of selves take center stage. It's an ode to breaking the rules, shaking out of conformity, and celebrating the versatility of jewellery in expressing your multifaceted nature.

The jewellery we choose can be a reflection of our current state of being. A delicate diamond necklace or tiny earring charm might signify a gentle and introspective phase, while a statement pavé ring or dome bangle could be the embodiment of your bold, confident self.

Free from the constraints of old-fashioned archetypes or dictated trends, be motivated and inspired by your own sense of self, and the shifting wavelength of what you feel from day to day, season to season.

The Campaign 

Shot in Hawkers' Studios on the Gold Coast, we embraced the beautiful blue-skied day and the sweet feeling that the transition between spring and summer brings; that seemingly sudden desire for movement, for newness, and for a fresh way to express ourselves.

With the clean, neutral space and industrial features of the naturally-lit studio providing our artistic space, we leant into fun linear props, played with pops of coloured makeup and bright-hued knit and silky pieces that show the perfect amount of bare skin; creating a fun and authentic environment in which our models were the ultimate muses. Cindy and Kaitlyn embraced movement, fluidity and confidence, owning their own space and playing with the possibilities of expression.

The Jewellery 

Our Summer ’24 jewellery collection spans a wavelength of style, from bold silhouettes to refined dainty diamonds and modern pops of colour. Designed to appeal to multiple moods and to be your method of creative expression no matter which side of you that you want to express from day to day.

Discover our signature styles of the season: our wave designs. Crafted in fine 10k gold and natural diamonds for everyday elevation; or with bold silhouettes in sterling silver, 18k gold plating, or white topaz pavé for your perfect level of impact.

The ultimate jewellery icon, the tennis bracelet, gets a modern update in our new styles crafted with laboratory-grown diamonds, London Blue topaz, or natural emerald.  

 Bold bangles, chunky chain necklaces, unmissable hoop earrings, and statement rings provide the perfect styles to wear alone for the days you want fuss-free yet noticeable polish; and when you’re feeling bold, they can be mixed, matched and stacked together or alongside your fine jewels to create your statement. 

 The curated ear party remains the ultimate way to personalise an expressive look from day to day, and with our new-in helix studs, earring charms, huggies, and drop earrings, you can switch your styles in and out from moment to moment, creating an authentic expression of you.

For the days you choose a more refined approach – or if you’re looking for a wear-close-all-season style – our fine necklaces, stud earrings, mini solitaire rings and chain bracelets crafted in precious metals, diamonds, and gems, will be with you for far longer than the season.

Medley jewellery is always designed and crafted with a focus on versatility, longevity, and expression; for the wearer who is always changing, moving, and evolving, who refuses to be pigeonholed into traditional categories. They can be whoever they want to be, and that can change from one moment to the next.

Consider our collections to be those personal finishing touches; the styles worn close, again and again, sometimes simply and sometimes layered, stacked, and clashed for a brash statement.

Explore our new Summer ’24 jewellery collection, and style it to suit each dimension of you, wherever your inner expression falls along your wavelength in the moment.

Medley Summer '24

Photographer: @libbywillisphoto

Videographer: @luka.films

Models: @kaitlyn.rainbow & @cindytomss

Stylist: @lewstyled

MUA: @gemmaelaine


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