Introducing Spring '23


Within the vibrant streets of Barcelona, where art, culture, and beauty collide, we stripped it all back, baring it all to embrace the world around us. Here, our body becomes a blank canvas to our broader story, one that is uniquely our own and ever being built upon. It's about cutting down on the noise, or ‘quick fixes’ of heavy makeup, and clothing, and replacing them with fresh skin and simple silhouettes that allow us to celebrate our true, authentic selves, bare in Barcelona, welcome to Simplifica.

The Location

Barcelona is not just your average buzzing metropolis, it’s a deeply unique destination. In every corner of the city, inspiration awaits. The contemporary effortlessly blends with the historical. An undeniably artful hub, the monuments of Gaudi’s sui generis style stand almost uncannily in a perfectly geometrical grid layout. Organic, magical designs inspired by natural forms meet astonishing architectural feats in this Catalan capital steeped in artistic expression.

The Vision

An ode to the visually striking location of Barcelona, Simplifica encourages wearers to embrace the communicative nature of jewellery and cherish each curated piece as they would their most loved heirloom. Like hieroglyphics with a deeply enriched meaning, each thoughtfully chosen Medley piece is designed to reflect a part of you, the wearers story. And, while sharing such parts of us can open us up to vulnerability, it is also a gateway to true connections and genuine relationships. When we embrace our emotional nakedness, we create a space for others to do the same, fostering an environment of trust and understanding.

Simplifica is a true celebration of this vulnerable authenticity. Beyond the literal removal of layers as we ease out of Winter, this campaign as all about letting yourself shine. With a lived-in approach to styling that reflects the wearer’s true essence, Simplifica is a self-love note to true expression, using jewellery as your artistic medium.

The Campaign

Our Spring ’23 jewellery collection elevates the beauty of being bare. Inspired by the freedom, ease, and the unveiling of an authentic self that Springtime invites, our new-season range leans into fine, wear-forever pieces crafted in 10k gold and diamonds. The kind of pieces you keep against your skin all season long – each piece is designed to be mixed and matched with our popular statement, demi-fine styles which are perfect for playing with your look and expressing your bolder side.

Our campaign was shot amidst a record-hot European Summers day, in Parc de la Ciutadella. Accessorising the natural, undone beauty of our muses Pau and Flor, our team encouraged our models to literally embrace the ‘heat of the moment’, and move freely around town as the sun reflected brightly off diamond and emerald stones, playing into the warmth of our new season pieces.

The Jewellery

Discover fine styles crafted in 10k gold, diamonds, emeralds, and 925 sterling silver, from barely-there chains to classic hoops, delicate bracelets, and stacker rings. Wear alone for understated elevation every day, or layer up to curate your individual look.

For the ultimate in personalised expression, stack your curated ear look with our must-have new pieces for your lobes and helix. Mix it up in marquise and baguette cut emeralds and white sapphires, plus petite shapes in 10k gold and diamonds.

New-in micro diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings will bring minimalist yet luxe radiance to your everyday look, perfect for catching the Spring sunlight whether you’re at home or abroad.

Layer a little meaning into your look with our new Evil Eye jewellery motifs, believed to ward off negative energy and bring good vibes; and modern, micro star shapes for celestial energy.

When you want to enhance with a bigger statement, discover new-in chunky earrings, statement rings, and bold bracelets. Play with proportions and layer a mixed-weight look to create your perfect self-expression every day.

For the rose gold lovers, Spring is your season, with a range of our most-loved Medley faves now available in this timeless, blushing hue.

This season, we invite you to think differently about jewellery, to look beyond trends and consider it a medium for expressing your inner truths on the outside. Choose pieces that you’ll want to wear close, over and over, whether they are personalised styles to reflect your story; statement, playful pieces for making a bolder expression; or simply elevated staples to enhance your natural aesthetic. Celebrate who you are in your rawest, most simple form with our newest collection, designed for you. Enjoy Simplifica.


The Spring '23 Playlist

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