Introducing Autumn '24: Less is More

Less is More

A vision refined. Daring wearers to pair it back and truly embrace the art of minimalism on their own terms. We’re here to introduce you to our latest collection as we enter a new season, Autumn ‘24, ‘Less is More’.

A phrase that was coined during the Bauhaus design movement, less is more is about delivering both visual impact and practicality. Inspired by a focus on quality and innovation. We’ve embraced the notion of stripping away of unnecessary excess, and donning oneself in confident forms that don’t need to shout.

A celebration of new ideas, materials, and techniques, here, the foundations of minimalism and modernism surge into our newest collection. ‘Less is More’ leans into an emphasis on perfectly polished silvers and golds in architecturally inspired silhouettes, with ‘have to keep’ fine pieces, all consciously crafted for longevity and versatility.

Pair it, share it and style it your way with our most refined collection to date.

The Vision

In the annals of design history, the Bauhaus Institute stands as a beacon of innovation, particularly in its profound impact on furniture design. This institute played a pivotal role in shaping the future of modernist furniture, introducing the revolutionary concept that would become synonymous with the phrase ‘less is more’. The term emerged as a response to the prevailing trend of bulky, elaborate furniture in the early 20th century.

Bauhaus found its roots in the modernist movement in art, which upheld the idea that great art could merge with modern technologies and ways of life. A distinct departure from romanticism - which turned away from the Industrial Revolution of the present to glorify past eras and focus on elaborate decoration, nature, and the expression of emotion – modernism had its eye profoundly on the present and the future, embracing the rapid evolution of technology that occurred in the early 20th century with a sense of confidence and optimism.

Modernism welcomed the new era, celebrating new ideas, materials, and techniques, and incorporating these into art, architecture, and design. In tangent, the Bauhaus Institute introduced a new era in furniture design characterised by simplicity, modernity, and practicality. The use of lightweight yet still quality, enduring materials like chrome, leather, and glass revolutionized the industry, making furniture more affordable and easier to produce on a mass scale.

While focused on furniture, Bauhaus influenced the greater design and art industries, and over a century later, its timeless spirit remains relevant, a testament to the enduring appeal of simplicity and quality over quantity. The movement advocated for selecting pieces with purpose, an idea that transcends furniture and finds a fitting parallel in the realm of jewellery.

The Campaign 

Our Autumn ’24 campaign lets our muses, Janaya and Mabyro, and their jewellery own the spotlight. With a minimalist studio background and a few Bauhaus-approved props, our models embrace the versatile, unisex appeal of our new collection.

Their jewellery looks range from bold yet simple mixed-metal pairings, to statement stacks kept polished in the same metal tones, and effortless elevation in diamond and laboratory-grown diamond styles.

For Mabyro and Janaya’s outfit styling, our team didn’t shy away from colour or texture; but opted for statement simplistic pieces with a clear focus on detailed design and quality.

The way a sheer top layer or strategic cut-outs give just a hint of what lies beneath for greater intrigue; the way a sleek updo allows your face and jewellery to glow; the way a ‘uniform’ approach to dressing can give you a profound sense of style freedom and show the world your signature style - a pared-back approach often has the greatest impact, and we explored this through our campaign shoot.

The Jewellery 

Our Autumn ’24 jewellery collection merges simplicity with contemporary design. By removing excess elements, we enhance the power of each piece, adhering to the principles that defined the modernist era.

Embrace clean-lined, bold pieces with our new statement paperclip chains; retro-chic curb chains with emerald cut green agate or white topaz; square edge bangles, rings, and hoops for a unique take on classic silhouettes; and signet pinky rings to finish your stack or complete your look all on their own.

For a delicate approach, discover helix studs and earrings in unique shapes or textures, with chains or diamonds. Plus our artistic, pinched paperclip pieces; lockets; and fine-lined diamond pieces.

As always, our newest collection is designed and crafted to fit seamlessly into your jewellery collection; so that you can choose your favourite new styles and wear them alongside your existing pieces, time and time again, in whichever way best expresses you each day.

Explore our new Autumn ’24 jewellery collection now.

Medley Autumn '24

Photographer: @libbywillisphoto

Videographer: @luka.films

Models: @janayajensen @mabyro_kuereng

Stylist: @studioharpley

MUA: @gemmaelaine


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