Celebrating International Women's Day with Kip&Co

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 Female Led Businesses
Like Medley, Kip&Co is a female-led business creating unique yet timeless pieces designed to express your individuality. We also love their dedication to uplifting and supporting other women, and so in celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke to one of Kip&Co’s three female founders, Alex, all about their brand, dedication to sustainability, and what empowering women looks like to them.
Jewellery and homewares are the perfect complement. Both are intimate expressions of yourself; homewares chosen to authenticate your personal space, and jewellery worn close and styled for yourself alone. 
We recently collaborated with one of our favourite home and lifestyle brands Kip&Co, the indie Aussie company filling our homes with colourful, welcoming, and joy-inspiring pieces. 
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7 Questions With Kip&Co's Alex McCabe

1. Tell us about Kip&Co, what inspired you to establish the brand and how have you evolved over 10 years? 
The three of us (Kate and Hayley who are sisters, and myself) were all at a point in our lives and careers where we wanted to take back a bit of agency and control. So we knew we wanted to start a business, but didn’t know in what space. We agreed it had to be something creative, and something we could run flexibly. After spotting an incredible quilted bedspread on a holiday to the US, we agreed to give homewares a whirl. The rest is history! 
2. As a proudly female founded brand, you’re also dedicated to uplifting and supporting other women. What does this look like for you? 
We’re lucky enough to have a team full of intelligent, engaged and passionate women at Kip&Co. Providing them with a supportive and nurturing environment is certainly something important to us as females who maybe have not always had that same experience. 
We also seek to collaborate with female artists and creatives, such as our indigenous artists collaborations. These are an opportunity for us to use our platform to share the talents of other amazing women, and provide a space to tell their stories. 
We partner with a number of female focused charities - including Goonj in India who use our off cuts to make female sanitation products, and the Lighthouse Foundation here in Melbourne who assist women who are victims of domestic violence. 

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3. With International Women’s Day almost here, it’s a time to reflect on gender equality, equity, and how we are all upholding and practicing these things. What’s the most important thing people of all genders can do to promote equality and empowerment? 
5. Kip&Co has a serious commitment to sustainability. Can you talk us through a few of your key initiatives to be a responsible and sustainable business? 
We’ve made a personal commitment to minimise the harm to the planet in everything we do, and that means sustainable and ethical considerations come first. 
• We’re proudly carbon neutral. Unlike most other brands, we’ve chosen to offset our manufacturing footprint, in addition to our local footprint and freight. This is a market leading approach and something we’re incredibly proud about. 
• We’re part of the circular economy. Through our partnership with Upparel, we offer customers the opportunity to up-use, upsell and uplift the value of their old textiles by a simple online pick-up service. 
• We source responsible partners and sustainable fabrics. Our supplier terms and conditions are based on the Ethical Trading Initiative Base code, and setting the standard for fair working conditions, integrity and transparency in dealings, and improved environmental outcomes. 
• And we speak up when it matters, about the issues that matter to us. 
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6. From bedding to homewares and even clothing, Kip&Co designs are colourful, unique, and speak to individual expression rather than trends. How do new designs and collaborations come together? 
Our design process has always been really organic - Kate, Hays and I meet each week with prints ideas or product innovations we’re excited about. We bounce these back and forth and add to the range week after week, iterating and layering like a tapestry. Our inspirations come from everywhere, nature is a big one, as are our kids (they’ve drawn some of our prints!), and of course a good vintage market! 
7. Lastly, a fun one - what's your number one Kip&Co gift idea to celebrate women in your life? 
We can’t go past a plush robe for the ladies in our lives! 
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