How to Style a Bracelet Stack 

Bracelet stacking is a trend that’s making a serious comeback, and with diamonds, gold and chunky chains in the mix- we’re totally on board. A trend resurgence from 2010, wrist stacking embraces bracelet and bangle laying in different textures, metals, and styles to achieve a bold, curated look.

A style trend that calls for some serious personalisation, we can't get enough of this bold stack statement seen on Hailey Bieber. She's serving up an arm candy look that is giving us endless inspiration. 

So, if you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t settle on just one bracelet, this trend is calling your name. Stack your favourite pieces and instantly elevate your look any day of the week. If you’re ready and willing to try this trend, here are a few tips to ensure you complement your wardrobe and become the queen or king of #armcandy, (and yes, we’re hoping that hashtag totally becomes a thing).
Building Your Bracelet Stack: 
To start, we suggest stacking three of your favourite bracelets and seeing how that feels. Whether it be texturing, tones, diamonds or chains, it might feel easier to design your stack around one favourite, focused piece. Then, try adding a bold chain and something a little finer to play with layers. Generally, an odd number of bracelets are easier to work with and can help give off an effortless 'I've just thrown this together' vibe.  
Mixing Textures/Styles: 
We love this trend as it's all about mixing and matching! Where metals and tones happily collide, open your jewellery box and have fun with it! If you’re a fan of mixing silver and gold, this is your time to shine. We've selected a polished plain bangle in gold, rope chain bracelet in gold, cable knit bracelet in gold or a maxi paperclip chain bracelet in gold for some added texture.  Own two of the same bracelets in different tones? This is a great opportunity to wear them together.  

Who'd Say no to Diamonds?  
Whether it's the jingle of your jewels stacked together or the impact of an out-there wrist with a paired back linen look, we can't go past adding a little luxe to our wrist stacks with a classic diamond tennis bracelet. Crafted in 10k gold our range of gold, silver, champagne, and black diamond tennis bracelets add the perfect amount of pop, taking any wrist look from day to night. Here more is more, right J-Lo? 
Remember to Make it Your Own: 
Keep in mind that your wrist stack reflects your personality. We all love to get a little inspo from our fave celebrities and influencers but at the end of the day whether you stack three bracelets or five bracelets, do your own thing. Wrist stacking is all about channelling you.  

When and Where to Wear Your Stack:  
We say rock your stack whenever and wherever you want. Travelling overseas? Elevate a simple holiday wardrobe with easy to pack bracelet changes. Going on a date? Layer fine chains with high-shine gemstones for a vintage glam vibe. Heading to the supermarket to grab the essentials? Heck, we'd rock it here too! Whether you find yourself out and about or lounging at home with a golden stack of bracelets we can assure you, compliments will be on the menu… 

What to Pair Your Stack With: 
Just like your stack, remember your style is a reflection of you. But if you're chasing a bit more guidance, we suggest adding extra touches with simple hoops or studs and one of your favourite necklaces to finalise your look. If your other wrist is feeling a little bare, there are absolutely no rules against a double-stack too! Talking wardrobe (and with bias in mind) we think it's best to keep things simple, try one toned colour or neutral linen look to let your jewellery do the talking. You might be a less is more kind of person or all about the more the merrier. The best thing about this trend is that you can tailor it to either vibe.  

Try it on, Then Show it Off! 
A bit of a Medley golden rule...It's we suggest trialling your creation around the house for a few minutes before you step outside and show it off. With a few natural movements, (no star jumping necessary) this step will help rule out any need to fiddle throughout the day. Like a dress rehearsal for your wrist, this also helps ensure that your pieces sit nicely together and gives you the chance to adjust your stack for comfort. As a general rule, diamonds sit better next to chains than they do next to polished bangles (to avoid any unwanted scratching) and chains may twist so if you can, separate them with your favourite bangle or cuff!  

Ready to create your own signature stack?  

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