How to Fake Piercings with Ear Cuffs and Double Huggies

Get The Look: Double Band Single Ear Cuff in Silver & Drop Chain Single Ear Cuff in Silver

The curated ear look (sometimes known as an ear party, or simply an ear stack – take your pick) has evolved beyond the realm of trends and is now a staple part of styling an individual, personalised, and fashionable look for any occasion. 

The question is, how can you style your own expressive ear stack à la Zoë Kravitz, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa, if you don’t have an earful of piercings?  
Well listen here: there’s a range of earring styles available that will help you build your stacked and statement look, without needing to splash out the money or recovery time for extra piercings.  

Ear cuffs and multiple hoops are two key styles that are trending at the moment, and both are perfect for taking your ear party to the next level. Read on for our guide to faking multiple lobe piercings and helix piercings like a pro, the best earring styles to build your stack without the extra piercing, and some of our hottest tips for styling them.  

1. Diamond Bar Single Ear Cuff in 10k Gold2. Drop Chain Single Ear Cuff in 10k Gold3. Double Band Single Ear Cuff in 10k Gold4. Diamond Doubld Huggies in 10k Gold

Curated Ear Styling Hacks

So, you love the curated ear look but don’t have a lobe and cartilage full of piercings? No problem. There are a few earring styling hacks you can use to give the illusion of an extra piercing, and to build your stack without the commitment. Faking a helix or cartilage piercing gives you the opportunity to experiment with your ear stack, have fun with your style, and perhaps ultimately determine whether you love the look enough to commit to an ear piercing. 

Don’t just think of this as playing dress-ups, though. While it’s about having fun with your look, faking an extra piercing can still feel elevated and timeless. At Medley, our piercing-free earring styles are crafted in genuine materials, including 10k gold and natural diamonds; meaning they are pieces to treasure and wear on repeat, not simply a costume to ‘try on’ the look. 

Faking Helix and Cartilage Piercings:

Double Band Single Ear Cuff in 10k Gold

Ear Cuffs: 
An ear cuff is an earring designed to fit snugly around your cartilage, without the need for an ear piercing. You’ll most often find ear cuffs in the shape of a small hoop or huggie, with an opening that allows you to slip them onto your ear. Ear cuffs can be worn lower on the cartilage of your ear, closer the lobe, or higher up on your helix to achieve your desired look. If you’re new to curating a stacked earring look, start simple with a minimalist ear cuff in gold or silver. To make more of a statement, choose designs with diamonds, drop chains, or even double-up on your ear cuffs for a bold look.   

How do you wear an ear cuff? 
Wearing and styling ear cuffs is simple. You don’t need a piercing to wear an ear cuff, but as they don’t secure through your ear like a typical earring, the most important consideration is that you attach your ear cuff securely and achieve a comfortable, snug fit. 

Four Steps To Put Your Ear Cuff On: 

Step 1. Hold the top of your ear with one hand and use the other to position your ear cuff,
with the open end of the cuff against the outer edge of your ear.
Step 2. Slide your ear cuff on at the thinnest point of your upper ear,
sliding it on until the circle of the cuff hugs your ear cartilage closely.
Step 3. Slide the cuff down your ear if desired, to find the spot you want to wear it. 
Step 4. Gently rotate your ear cuff if needed to achieve a secure, comfortable position. 

You can style your ear cuff simply, to add an extra point of interest and a bit of edge to a single-earring look. With their huggie-like appearance, ear cuffs are perfect to pair with a simple gold or silver hoop or huggie. You can also work them into an earring stack, and use them to level-up your look with chain and diamond designs - more on that soon! 

Like all of your earrings (and jewellery in general), make sure you take your ear cuff off at the end of the day and store it away safely. While our Medley ear cuffs are designed to fit securely, it’s best not to wear them while doing strenuous exercise or activities, showering, swimming, or sleeping, to avoid any potential mishaps.  

To remove your ear cuff, hold onto it with your fingers and rotate it gently while sliding off your ear, to avoid straining or stretching the opening of the ear cuff. 

Faking Lobe Piercings:

Diamond Double Huggie Earrings in 10k Gold


Double Huggie Earrings: 
As the name suggests, a double huggie, or double hoop earring gives the illusion of two small hoop earrings in one piece, and only requires one piercing to be worn. Generally designed to be worn in your earlobe, if you do have a cartilage piercing you could also place your double huggie there to build your stacked helix look.  

Diamond Triple Stud Earrings in 10k Gold

Elongated and Climber Earrings: 
Huggies and hoops not your thing? These earring styles don’t give quite the same multiple-piercing illusion as an ear cuff or double huggie, but they do take up more real estate along your ear than a typical stud or hoop, to help you build a statement look. Our cluster studs and linear triple diamond studs that set multiple diamonds or gemstones in a row, and climber earrings, all give you a unique look and an elongated appearance that could almost pass for multiple earrings.  

How to wear a ear cuff blog medley jewellery

Here are a few of our favourite ways to step-up your earring stack with cuffs, double huggies and more!

1. Effortless Elevation with the Drop Chain Ear Cuff

While we’re talking ear cuffs and earring chains, we’d better introduce you to this baddie. Our drop chain single ear cuff comes in 10k gold and 925 sterling silver, and it combines these two must-have styles into one effortless piece. Simply slip the cuff onto your helix or lower ear cartilage, and let the fine chain drop for instant impact. 

 2. Double Trouble with the Double Band Cuffs

If you’re wearing an ear cuff to build more of a statement with your ear stack, why stop at one layer? Our double band single ear cuff gives you double the illusion, whether worn high up on your helix or closer to your lobe. Pair it with a simple hoop or huggie earring in your lobe, or with diamond studs to add edge to a luxe look. Build the look even further by styling our double band ear cuff alongside our drop chain ear cuff, for statement layers and texture. 


3. Two For One with the Double Huggies

For a sleek and minimalist look without the extra piercing choose our diamond double huggies in 10k gold! Double huggies are perfect for creating an ear party providing the illusion of multiple earrings. If you have multiple lobe piercings, and looking for a little extra wow factor, combine our double huggies in 10k gold with other earrings like studs, hoops or ear cuffs for the ultimate curated ear. 

4. Just Keep Stacking 


The beauty of our ear cuffs and double huggies at Medley is that they’re versatile and timeless, perfect for adding a little something extra to any ear stack. Love to style an eclectic, personalised look with birthstones and initials? Add even more personality and interest with an earring connector chain. Can’t get enough of multiple hoop earring stacks? An ear cuff is the perfect, effortless extra layer.  

With our range of minimalist metal, diamond-set, and chain-adorned ear cuffs; gold and silver earring connector chains and threader earrings; you can find the perfect pieces at Medley to add to your unique stack and express your individual style.