Green Agate Jewellery: Origins, Symbolism, and Styling Tips

Emerald, Tourmaline, Jade, Peridot: there’s a range of captivating gems in shades of green, but one that’s a little more unique is green agate. With its alluring deep hue and translucence, green agate is reminiscent of lush forests and verdant landscapes. Not only a beautiful natural stone, green agate carries a rich history and symbolism. 

Delve into our guide below for everything you need to know about wearing and styling green agate jewellery.

Where Does Green Agate Come From?

Green Agate, a variety of the chalcedony family, is found in various parts of the world, including Brazil, India, and Uruguay. Its distinct green colour is caused by the presence of minerals such as chromium and iron within the silica-rich deposits where agate forms. Each region imparts its unique character to the stone, resulting in a diverse array of hues and patterns.  

History of Green Agate Jewellery

For a gem that’s a unique choice and a little niche compared to your usual suspects, agate has a surprisingly long history. Agate was worn as an adornment, and revered for itsbelieved metaphysical properties, in Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. It was often carved into cameos, beads, and amulets, with different cultures attributing various meanings to the stone.

The Meaning of Green Agate Jewellery

Green Agate is associated with balance, harmony, and renewal. Its soothing green tones evoke feelings of tranquillity and vitality, making it a symbol of growth and rejuvenation. In metaphysical beliefs, green agate is thought to promote emotional stability, enhance creativity, and foster a deeper connection with nature.

Is Green Agate Lucky?

Agate has been regarded as a stone of luck and protection among multiple cultures. For believers, it is thought to ward off negative energies, bring good fortune, and safeguard against harm. Green agate, in particular, is believed to resonate with the heart chakra, with people associating the gem with emotional healing and inner peace.

Can Anyone Wear Green Agate Jewellery?

Absolutely! Green Agate jewellery can be worn by anyone – the only rule is that you want to wear it. Our versatile, unisex green agate styles at Medley include bold yet minimalistic bangles,pinky rings, and curb chain necklaces and bracelets; perfect for elevating everyone’s style.

How to Style Green Agate

As with all of our jewellery at Medley, our modern green agate styles are crafted for versatility and longevity. You can style them in any way that speaks to your personal taste; whether you tend minimalist and delicate, bold and eclectic, or you prefer to change it up at any given time.  

Paired back with lustrous, 18k fine gold plated settings (our base metal is always quality, 925 sterling silver), you can wear our green agate jewellery season after season. Here’s a few of our favourite ideas for styling green agate:

Minimalist Chic:

Our green agate pieces make a bold statement all on their own. Pair our green agate signet pinky ring or green agate bangle with a neutral-toned outfit to let it pop. 


Create visual interest by layering our green agate curb chain necklace with gold chains in varying lengths and textures.

Mixed Metals:

Experiment with mixing your green agate piece with styles in different metals. Silver with yellow gold is a classic, complementary, yet interest-adding combination.

Mixed gemstones:

Wear the rainbow by styling your green agate jewellery alongside our matching white topaz styles; complement it with gems in paler shades of green; or contrast it with blue topaz, ruby, or citrine.  

Whether you are drawn to the vivid green hue of green agate, the bold lines of our emerald cut green agate jewellery styles, or just want to inject an interesting new element to your jewellery collection, explore our new-season styles and work them into your individual look.