Embracing Geometry: Why Square Jewellery is the Hottest Trend Right Now 

When it comes to making considered fashion and jewellery choices, the best approach for updating your wardrobe is seeking out contemporary, subtly unique takes on the classics. It might be a timeless blazer in a standout shade or out-of-the-ordinary fabric; a pair of jeans with a unique feature you love; or, in the case of jewellery, a new shape that’s just as versatile as the classic.

Enter square edge jewellery. Bold and modern with a hint of retro chic, the clean lines of square edge jewellery make it just as timeless as your usual round hoop earrings or bangles – but with a distinct point of difference.

With our new square jewellery edit launched as part of our Autumn ’24 collection, let’s explore the origins of square edge jewellery, the must-have styles, and how to wear them.

 Origin of Geometric Jewellery

Geometric jewellery has a rich history dating back centuries, with ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans incorporating geometric shapes into their adornments. These shapes weren't merely aesthetically pleasing but also held symbolic meanings. In ancient Egypt, squares symbolised stability and balance, while the Greeks associated them with the elements of nature. 

More recently, square jewellery can be seen as the perfect embodiment of the Bauhaus design movement which originated in the early 20th Century, pairing modernist style with sleek, wearable, quality materials.

The Contemporary Square Edge Jewellery Trend

Square edge jewellery is trending for several reasons. Its clean and minimalist design appeals to those who prefer understated elegance, offering a fresh, ‘less is more’ approach to effortlessly elevate any look. While refined, square edge jewellery is also distinctly unique, making it the perfect alternative to your classic round hoops or bangles.

With its symmetrical shape, square edge jewellery is also popular as it’s the ultimate for stacking and layering. Multiple square pieces can be stacked together, or you can stack square edge jewellery with styles in a mix of shapes and silhouettes to introduce a new element to your look.  


The geometric trend in fashion and design has contributed to the surge in popularity of square edge jewellery, aligning accessories seamlessly with current aesthetics.  

Symbolism Encapsulated in Squares

Squares carry profound symbolic meanings in jewellery. The most prevalent symbolism associated with squares is stability and balance. The four equal sides and four corners of a square are often seen to represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, fostering a sense of harmony and equilibrium. Additionally, squares symbolise structure and order, with their straight lines and sharp angles conveying precision and organisation.

At the same time, our square edge jewellery at Medley combines sharp geometric lines with softened curves and edges, presenting a balance between strength and delicacy, push and pull. Wear your square jewellery to channel a sense of confidence, balance, strength, and harmony. 

Square Edge Jewellery at Medley

Discover our modern, versatile, and unisex square jewellery styles at Medley. Crafted in 925 sterling silver or 18k fine gold plating for pieces you can wear on repeat, season after season. Our micro collection includes:  

Square Hoop Earrings:

These contemporary earrings offer a modern and unexpected twist on classic hoop earrings. Choose from our classic midi size for an everyday statement, or level up with our maxi hoops.

Square Rings:

Bring new dimensions to your stack with our square edge rings, the perfect statement piece for every day. 

Square Bangles:

The bold, retro-chic bangle of your dreams. Their clean lines and geometric design make square bangles versatile for wearing alone, or for stacking with bangles and bracelets in a mix of shapes.

 How To Style Square Edge Jewellery

While bold and unique, square edge jewellery is perfectly timeless and versatile for styling. Here are a few of our favourite ways to style square jewellery:  


Pair a single square style with a neutral outfit for an effortlessly chic look, that lets your unique choice of jewellery stand out.


Draw attention to your statement square pieces by pairing up matching styles. Try a square edge bangle alongside a square edge ring on the same hand, or a square edge bangle with square huggies for a tied-together look. 


Build bold, interesting layers incorporating your square edge jewellery. Pair our square hoop earrings alongside your classic hoops for a subtly unique ear stack; wear a square bangle alongside round bangles, chain bracelets, or tennis bracelets; or work your square edge ring into your statement ring stack. 

Mixed Metals

The bold, sleek lines of square edge jewellery lend perfectly to a modern mixed metal look. Stack gold and silver square hoop earrings, or gold and silver square rings, for a contemporary eclectic look.

Square edge jewellery is more than just a passing trend; it's a timeless expression of modern elegance and sophistication. With its sleek, geometric lines that pair perfectly with classic jewellery shapes, square jewellery is a versatile addition to your collection. These styles will bring dimension, texture, and a unique point of difference to your look - whether you opt for a minimalist, mixed metal, or statement stacked vibe.