Celebrating Limitless Love with Musician Elodie Gervaise

Elodie Gervaise x Medley
Image: Anaïnja (@elodiegervaise) • Instagram photos and videos

Valentine’s Day can often serve up a pretty narrow view of love and romance: meaning you’re likely to find as many people who loathe the day as those who love it. As we celebrate that Love Knows No Bounds, we’re here for whichever type of love you want to highlight this Valentine’s.

Whether celebrating a lover, a friend, a relationship that falls outside the bounds of ‘traditional’: all love deserves to be celebrated. Self-love is not to be forgotten either: after all, it’s the basis of all other love you’ll experience.

We spoke to Elodie Gervaise, the Berlin-based, French/Australian musician and artist behind the exclusive song written for our Autumn ’23 campaign, ‘Amour Libre’; and got an insight into what limitless love and self-love mean to her.

Link to Elodie's song Amour Libre on Soundcloud

Get to know this incredible talent and find inspiration to lean into a more holistic and authentic celebration of love this year.

1. One word to describe your music is ‘unique’ – combining different genres, lyrics that speak to political and personal issues, with your distinctive voice. Can you let us in on your creative process – how does a new song come to be?

It starts with words that begin to brew in my mind, forming into a poem and then turning to song once they’re coupled with music. These are usually inspired by personal experiences or sometimes a story of someone else’s that I find moving. Lately I’ve found a lot of lyrics coming to me whilst driving, or during moments of intimacy. I’ve succumbed to the fact that I enjoy writing about desire and love the most and am now leaning into that.

Elodie Gervaise x Medley
Elodie Wearing:
Bauble Paperclip Chain Necklace in Gold, Maxi Plain Hoops in Gold and Triple Diamond Single Helix Stud in 10k Gold. 

2. What does individuality mean to you, how do you express yourself through your art and your style?

To me it means having my own sense of freedom in curating my interests and ideas with self-expression, whether that be through words or a strong look. I think individuality requires a deep understanding and connection to [ones]self which is something I hope to grow into more every day.

3. Tell us about the song you have written and produced for the Medley Autumn ’23 Campaign.

The project was nicely timed, having recently moved to Berlin and experiencing couples existing in so many different relationship styles, further realising that a monogamous way of loving doesn’t necessarily work for everyone and that’s a beautiful thing. I drew on my own experience of being in an open connection and

the feeling of freedom and expansiveness that gave me. Liberty in love should be celebrated, not feared, and I hope the song conveys that.

Elodie's hand wearing jewellery
Elodie Wearing: 
Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Silver, Slim Curve Dome Ring in Silver, Curve Dome Pinky Ring in Silver and Rope Stacker Ring in Silver. 

4. What drew you to working with the Medley brand?

I was invited [to work with] Medley and felt connected to the concept and overall message. I have always loved the ritual of adorning myself with jewels and metals so felt it to be the right fit.

5. What does ‘Love Knows No Bounds’ mean to you?

Loving with an open hand, and an understanding that one person can’t be everything for you. Loving with the acknowledgment that we all have different needs and boundaries, and a healthy relationship celebrates tolerance for endless exploration and growth, not limitation.

6. We are big believers that love should start from within. What does self-love mean to you?

For me it means carving out time to spend with myself, the same way I would for a lover. When I’m feeling the pull to do this I like to bathe, write, read, cook something I love and relish in a delicious zone created by good music, lighting and scents.

It also means accepting all parts of myself, even the shadow side that I’d like to grow from.

7. How will you be celebrating self-love this Valentine’s Day?

I’ve recently started renting dance studios to play freely and physically. It’s become a form of therapy to be in a dedicated space for a few hours, moving in any way that feels right.

Another ritual I’ve been getting into is taking an hour in the morning to check in with myself, stretch, write, pull tarot or feel into whatever I need that day before dropping into work or any form of technology. I’ve felt a big difference mentally since bringing that practice in, and I think it’s crucial to intentionally block out the world sometimes.

8. And how will you celebrate your loved ones?

I would just love to sit at a table and share good food, wine and conversation with those I love - something so simple but necessary. It could also be the right moment to gift a sweet cover!

To become acquainted with the inimitable Elodie Gervaise, check out her Spotify here (and expect her music to become part of your regular playlist!).

Listen to Elodie’s new song ‘Amour Libre’, exclusively written for our campaign, here.

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