Back to Work Style with Nique's Creative Director

If there’s one thing about ‘back to work’ we can totally get behind, it’s refreshing our workdrobe for a new year. But this doesn’t mean we need to ditch our entire wardrobe to do so, it’s about selecting the right timeless staples to help build out your best capsule wardrobe, so that you can keep your style elevated all year long. 

So, if one of your 2024 resolutions is to make a more considered approach to your styling, look no further than our friends and stockist at Nique for the perfect source of inspiration.  

Discover our top jewellery picks for you this year, based on your work style; as well as the must-have clothing staples from Nique. Medley and Nique share a focus on considered, timeless pieces designed with a modern approach, so you can find stylish pieces to elevate your look and know that they’ll be part of your collection for a long time to come.

Styling In’s for 2024 

01. Minimalism 

Love a shirt dress, tailored pants, and anything linen? Pair your cool-girl minimalist look with dainty jewellery that will complement without overwhelming. We love a diamond helix earring and a fine gold bracelet, paired with a delicate ring to tie it all together. We also think you’ll love the Aneta Shirt Dress from Nique. 

02. Day to Night Staples 

Formula dressing is the ultimate way to ensure you always look polished (and save precious styling time in the mornings). If you love classic pieces you can wear day-in and day-out, add a 10k gold hoop, essential chain necklace, or timeless plain bangle to your collection this year. The Osakie Cotton GenderU pants from Nique will also be on high rotation for you.

03. Fine Layers

If you love to create a unique, layered look with your jewellery each day to complement your personal style, add a versatile piece to your workdrobe in 2024 that will suit every stack. If fine layers are your style, a diamond tennis bracelet is the ultimate forever-piece for you. If you prefer to go bold, a statement laboratory-grown diamond ring is this year’s must-have. Nique’s Lotus Cupro Shirt is another style perfect for layering. 

04. Metal Mixing 

Some people stick to silver, others live for gold. If you prefer to change it up to suit your mood and your outfit each day, invest in a new piece or two that will elevate your versatile collection. A bold paperclip or curb chain necklace will take every look to the next level, while a chunky hoop earring is forever a must-have. Most of our styles come in gold and silver, so you can choose your favourite – or stack them both. For someone who loves to be fluid with their style, Nique’s signature tees will be your wardrobe heroes. 

Our Sit Down With Nique

We sat down with Nadia Jones, the Creative Director from Nique, to talk all things 2024 styling and back to work essentials. Nique is a modern, minimalist, fashion brand known forcreating clothing with a focus on sustainability, timeless shapes, considered fabrics, and personal expression. We got to know more about the label’s approach to design and creation, fluidity and inclusivity, as well as their personal picks that you need in your wardrobe. 

1. Can you tell us how Nique started? 

Nique was established in 1998 (over 25 years ago) by a couple of graphic designers that branched out into clothing when they started to design rave t-shirts. The collection and brand grew from there. To this day T-shirts are the foundation of our collections and have a cult following, globally.

2. What are Nique's key brand values?

  • Minimalism: We believe in the power of simplicity, focusing on creating modern, minimalist garments for cultured Creatives. Clean lines, effortless and timeless silhouettes, and a focus on quality over quantity. 

  • Responsibility: We are known for our exceptional fabrics chosen for their refined finish and light environmental footprint. We design pieces with ethical intent, using over 90% natural and cellulosic and therefore biodegradable fabrics. When you’re done with your garments, offer them a second life with Nique’s circular initiative - reNique reNew. 

  • Inclusivity: We design clothes for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type. We believe that everyone should be able to express themselves through fashion, and want our clothes to be accessible to everyone. We've created an inclusive space for the unconventional and celebrating the unique. 

3. When did you introduce your GENDERU range and what inspired it?

The launch of a distinct unisex range was a natural progression for the brand. We were inspired by our customers and the way they shop Nique – Men are drawn to our Women’s trousers – Women to our Men’s Shirts. They are naturally gender fluid and know what suits them irreverent of how we have designed the collection. Our GenderU collection has grown from strength to strength since the launch in 2019, with our expertly-cut pants being standout. 

4. We love that Nique creates timeless pieces that aren't trend-driven. What encouraged you to do this? 

Grounded by our reverence of the environment, our mission is to create fashion that is at once timeless yet seasonally relevant - clothes that are kept, loved and worn for years to come. 

We encourage our customers to explore every piece in every collection, and find strength in discovering their unique and authentic style. Guided by modernist principles, discarding the traditional notions of gender and age, we celebrate the ritual of getting dressed everyday, inspired by individualism and experimentation. 

5. If you were to build the perfect back to work wardrobe, what 5 Nique pieces would you have? 

Build a wardrobe of high-quality minimalist essentials, that can effortlessly be styled to represent your unique personality and aesthetic. In mostly natural fibres, mindfully designed to reduce ours and your footprint on the planet. 

  • Miko Blazer 
  • Bowie Pant 
  • White Rellik Shirt 
  • Cian Tee 
  • Aria Blazer 

6. What is your favourite easy, in-office Nique look and which Medley pieces would you wear with it? 

The Lotus Shirt worn over a Glider Slip Dress, creating a contemporary in-office look perfect for 9-5 (and 5-9). Perfect when styled back to the gold chunky paperclip chain necklace and matching bracelet.

7. What clothing trends do you think will grow or stay around for 2024?  

  • Responsibility (Sustainability): Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of fashion, leading to a continued focus on sustainable materials and ethical production. 
  • Inclusivity and fluidity in clothing choices will continue to grow in importance. 
  • Buying high quality, timeless fashion that lasts - buy less, buy better.